Morrisons - Again !

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Morrisons - AGAIN !
Posted by PollyCymru on 10/3/2014, 0:31:12
OH went to Morrisons yesterday and was tee'd off finding that they'd put ordinary doves farm flour in the Gluten free section. So he had a word with a 'suit' explaing about cross contamination, allergy and people who may be just getting used to the diet, 'suit' took all the bags off the shelf.
Today he went to the section and, well, see for your self...
Is it worth bothering with a letter to Morrisons do you think?
These people want our money and are willing to stock goods that we'll buy, but don't seem capable of understanding that what they are doing could be positively dangerous. All it takes is for a friend or relative of a coeliac to buy the wrong flour trusting that as it's in the free from section it'll be safe.
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