More than half of UK households have internet issues

A recent survey by Which has found that over half of UK households are experiencing internet issues in one form of another. Their most recent survey featured 1900 customers from 12 internet providers throughout the UK with a large focus on BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media & Zen Internet who combined account for 90% of the UK’s total number of broadband customers.

Their survey focused on all broadband issues including pricing, connection issues, broadband speeds & more. The worst offender when it came to slow speeds were TalkTalk with 31% of the people surveyed saying they had what they referred to as very slow internet. When it came to broadband connectivity SSE were the worst with over 50% of their customers saying they regularly experience broadband downtimes. Meanwhile in regards to price increases Virgin Media performed the worst as almost 50% of their customers reported a noticeable increase in pricing since last year.
As a result of complaints the UK Government and OFCOM have introduced new measures to help protect customers including automated compensations for customers affected by slow repairs, missed appointments and late broadband installations. These measures are going some way to helping customers however both OFCOM and the UK government remind everyone that it is the responsibility of broadband providers to give their customers an acceptable level of service in regards to internet speeds, pricing & uptime.

OFCOM has also made it easier for customers to swap packages which is often the best solution when broadband is falling short. Although BT did not top the list in any of the complaints departments they were never far behind the others in terms of complaints. However as a result of this we do recommend you to try BT if you are having issues with other providers as they appear to be the least-complained about service provider alongside Sky. You can contact BT by calling 08700 420392. You can find alternative BT numbers on the FindMyNumbers website, check out their page for a full list of BT phone numbers.