More neurologists!

My husband spent Memorial Day weekend in the hospital, after having a stroke. It was mild as strokes go, an hour of speech problems and difficulty moving his R arm, but this is at least the 8th one he has had, and like earthquakes a 2.0 can lead to the big one. He had one 2 months ago, and they found he had a hole in his heart called a patent foramen ovale, which should have closed at birth. This causes little clots to form at the hole, which occasionally pump out into general circulation causing strokes. He is going in to a medical center Friday to get it repaired.Lucky him, I am a nurse, so know how to deal with this intellectually. Emotionally, since my mom exhibited her brain tumor with the same symptoms, I am like not again! I have so had it dealing with neurologists and neurological symptoms! I am disabled, so there is also the worry about finances. My son is behaving like a jackass, spending the weekend partying instead of visiting dad, or offering to help me. I am on my own dealing with this, since my siblings live 55 miles away.