More important Cowboy: Dez or DeMarco?

DeMarco Murray excited to welcome Joseph Randle into the Dallas Cowboys family

Wide receiver Dez Bryant or running back DeMarco Murray ? Both of them picked Murray, and I think I agree. As you know if you read me regularly, I think Bryant is coming into his own as an absolute monster and will continue to develop as one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. I think he'll continue to be Tony Romo 's favorite target and put up huge numbers in the Cowboys' passing game. But as Tim and Darren both assert in the clip there, a healthy and productive Murray would help everyone else on the offense. He'd help the offensive line. He'd help Romo. He'd probably help Bryant be even more fantastic than he was over the second half of last season. Can the Cowboys score points if Murray is in and out of the lineup again due to injury? Sure. Romo and his passing-game weapons are enough for the Cowboys to score plenty of points.

DeMarco Murray: If I get fined for the helmet rule, Romo can pay

He hopes to return Wednesday, but it's not the type of start that inspires confidence Murray can shake the injury bug that has marred each of his first two seasons in the NFL. Murray is confident this is the year he proves himself to be a durable featured back, skeptics be damned. "That's something I can't control," Murray said, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "I can't control if anything happens. All I can do is go out there, play hard, play fast, play physical. Once I'm out there, I don't think there's any question about anything." " I am going to play all 16 (games) this year , and I'm excited," Murray said. "It's going to be a great year for us." Murray didn't specify if his confidence is based on a good feeling or because of changes to his approach or offseason training plan. "DeMarco, he's going to be good," wide receiver Dez Bryant said. "The thing about it is, we're in (organized team activities) and we don't want to get him out there when he's not ready and something comes up. We need him throughout the whole year.

When healthy as he is now hes a hugely productive runner, averaging 4.8 career YPC. His tape is as exciting as any backs (at least any back who isnt AP, Spiller, Charles or Shady). Murray has clear RB1 potential, and, unlike McFadden, hes actually tied to an explosive offense. Im sure Brad will have lots to say about DMCs new blocking scheme (never mind that we liked last years scheme), his per-game production (not enough games) and his contract status (its always a contract year in the NFL). But the bottom line is that DMC is attached to a terrible team, coming off a terrible season. Go Murray, gamers. Knowing the Noise's luck, DMC will snap his spinal cord in warmups. (USAT) Brad cleans up: In the race for the best 12 games played, Darren McFadden crosses the finish line first. Last year, when not sidelined for the 10 millionth time with a lower body ailment, the disappointing rusher appeared overly timid, lacked explosiveness and was generally terrible, an ill-fit for Greg Knapps zone-blocking scheme.

Spin Doctors: DeMarco Murray vs. Darren McFadden

Its yet another issue for Murray, whose durability is a question mark. He has missed seven games the last two seasons and while the Cowboys are without Felix Jones now they did add Joseph Randle from Oklahoma State via the draft. Thats something I cant control , Murray said of doubters. I cant control if anything happens. All I can do is go out there, play hard, play fast, play physical. Once Im out there, I dont think theres any question about anything. I am going to play all 16 (games) this year, and Im excited. Its going to be a great year for us. Its not easy for any workhorse back to make it through a season playing 16 games. Some would file Murrays comments in the well believe it when we see it category.

Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray: 'I'm going to play all 16'

The Cowboys defeated the Steelers 27-24. Hes definitely a quality running back, coming from Oklahoma State, theyve always been known for great running backs, Murray said Wednesday before participating in a home run derby at Rangers Ballpark with eight of his teammates and Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. Im excited to bring him in the family and get after it a little bit and help him out as much as we can. It was a little surprising to hear Murray praise Oklahoma State. Murray, who played at Oklahoma, and Dez Bryant, who played at OSU, occasionally talk a little trash to each other about the rivalry in the Valley Ranch locker room. Is Murray going to take it easy on the rookie and not give him a hard time about attending a rival school? Well push it to the side for now, Murray said. But Im sure once that game comes around well talk a little bit and hopefully well make a friendly wager, so well see what happens. Randle, a fifth-round selection, is the front-runner for the spot behind Murray but hell have competition from Lance Dunbar and Phillip Tanner, two backs who competed behind Murray and Felix Jones last season. With Jones out of the picture, the Cowboys have a lot of carries up for grabs. Im excited for the new kid, Murray said. Im excited for Lance Dunbar and Phillip Tanner, two great running backs. Those guys have definitely worked hard and have definitely earned themselves a shot at playing time next year.

DeMarco Murray: I'll play in all 16 Cowboys games

"I am going to play all 16 [games] this year and I'm excited," Murray said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram . "It's going to be a great year for us." Of course, it should probably be pointed out that the injury-riddled Murray said this while nursing an injury. Murray sat out the Cowboys OTA session on Tuesday with a tweaked hamstring. "That's something I can't control. I can't control if anything happens," Murray said. "All I can do is go out there, play hard, play fast, play physical. Once I'm out there, I don't think there's any question about anything." Murray produces when he's on the field, the problem for Dallas is that he's not on the field that often. The third-year back ran for 663 yards in 10 games last season, a number that projects out to 1,061 yards over a 16-game season. Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has no problem with Murray sitting out an OTA or two, "The thing about it is, we're in OTA's and we don't want to get him out there when he's not ready and something come's up," Bryant said. "We need him throughout the whole year." Tight end Jason Witten seems to feel the same way, "I think it'll be huge for us," Witten said about having Murray available. "He's a guy that plays hard and runs hard.

DeMarco Murray plans to play all 16 games this season

The ranking is a combination of talent and team value. Here are some highlights: On who is a bigger piece to the puzzle when it comes to making the playoffs- Dez Bryant or DeMarco Murray: Hasselbeck: I believe its DeMarco Murray. I think Dez Bryant is going to be one of the better wide receivers in the NFL this season. But I just think they need balance in that offense and one of the things that balance brings you is it helps your offensive line, and it helps your quarterback. I think Tony Romo is good enough. He can create enough that if Dez Bryant wasnt there, hes enough with the other pieces in place whether its (Jason) Witten or (Miles) Austin to have production in the passing game. I think they need a special runner, and I think DeMarco Murray is that when hes healthy. Woodson: I agree. I think DeMarco Murray is a guy that will open up things for a guy like Dez Bryant on the outside plus hell take a ton of pressure off of Tony Romo. I think youve got to look at when you look at the Cowboys offense is theyre a one-sided offense. They want to throw the ball down the field. Theyre a vertical style offense.

NFL analyst: DeMarco Murray is more vital to the Cowboys this season than Dez Bryant

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