Money saving carpet cleaning solution

Spring cleaning entails getting the dirt out of corners, in drawers and in those "hidden" areas we ignore throughout the year. It also means cleaning the carpets.Carpet cleaning solutions can be expensive. A small bottle that normally cleans one to two rooms is approximately $15 to $20. There is a homemade solution that will not leave residue on your carpet fibers and will not cost an arm and a leg to shampoo the whole house.For heavy traffic areas, spray the carpet cleaning solution on the area and use a rag to blot some of the dirt off the carpet before shampooing. Blotting the stained area will soak up the dirt and lift it toward the surface. If you rub the carpet, it will only push the soil around.The carpet shampoo solution is safe for use in any of the steam cleaning machines. The professional steam cleaners, the home use shampooers and the spot cleaning machines all work well with this solution.To make your own carpet shampoo, you will need:1 cup OxiClean1 cup Febreeze1 cup distilled white vinegarPour the contents into the shampooer tub. Finish off by filling the tub with hot water. The solution cleans your carpets and will deodorize them. There will be a slight vinegar smell until the carpets dry. Be sure to spot test, however, the solution should be safe for all carpets. Homemade Febreeze and OxiClean versions can be used in place of the brand name items. There are several Febreeze recipes:1 cup fabric softener1 cup of white vinegar2 cups of water2 cups water1 cup fabric softener3 cups water3 tablespoons fabric softener3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol2 cups of warm water cup of fabric softener1-tablespoon baking sodaThe four faux Febreeze solutions above can be used as a daily freshener for carpets, drapery, bedding and any fabric in your home. Any one of the above can also be used in the carpet cleaning solution as well.For the OxiClean solution, try this recipe:1 cup water cup hydrogen peroxide cup washing sodaMix all of the ingredients together and store the solution in a dark spray bottle. The hydrogen peroxide will lose its effectiveness if light penetrates it. Spray the solution on soiled laundry and let it sit overnight. If you have a few articles of clothing that are soiled, make a batch and soak them in a machine or in the sink overnight.The homemade OxiClean recipe can be used in the carpet cleaning solution. It is safe for cleaning machines.Happy cleaning! href='' - -