Mondays are the Hardest

Monday seems to be my favorite day to gamble, I suppose because I spend the entire weekend home with my young son, and when he goes to school on Mon mornings I feel freedom to do as I please (which is going to casino). OK its Monday morning and I dropped son off at school and came HOME!!!!!!!    YEAH for me!So to get through this day my goal is to turn off my puter and get my house super clean, get me those scrubbing bubbles cause I need to think about something besides running to Casino.Wish me luck and a super clean house. OK Baby steps.......right? Both bathrooms are now squeaky clean, the desire to go is still there but I'm gonna tackle the Living room next.And I just wanna say if anyone misunderstood my comment about being with son all weekend That is a GOOD thing not a complaint, I love my little guy more than life itself. I was just sayuing that because I'm home with him I have NO desire to be anywhere else. House clean............CheckSon Home from school................checkDid NOT go to casino ..................checkYeah I'm a winner (for today at least)