Monday 1-3-11

A friend had asked for my help thiis morning, I had to drag myself out, almost called and bailed, and funny thing is for no real reason other then I just wanted to go back to bed, I just feel good in bed all quiet when no one is home watching tv. Its comphy and no drama that is hurtful, just tv drama lol.  after I got going I was fine whet and did what was asked, came back home started doing things I have been putting off, made some lunch and sat down here to do some reading and I feel pretty good it's almost 2.



I\'m glad you had a good day! I know what it\'s like to want to stay in bed to avoid all the hurtful things that happen out there in the real world. I wake up every single work day feeling that way :o(

But it\'s always nice to get up and do something like you did, something you didn\'t want to do initially, and feel glad you did it. Good to hear!