Mom's first full day at home. :) peaceful relaxation, wonderful healing, hope and faith :)

My mom's first full day back at home. :) resting, healing, and very thankful, and fortunate that the healing journey has began. :)
It's so wonderful having my mom home. :) She's in such great spirits, and last night, was very thankful to spend night in her own bed. :) Her healing journey has began, and this brand new week, beginning wonderfully peaceful, and relaxing. :) my sister Lisa brought my mom over to the walmart pharmacy today, and my mom brought them her prescription papers, and this afternoon my dad picked up her prescriptions for her. :) She's going to be taking new  medicine to treat her ulcer. god bless her heart. She's so strong, and very determined to heal. :) my mom said to me today, "i'm going to get better" :) her spirit is shining beautifully since her return home yesterday. :) it feels like home again, with my mom here. :) my mom enjoyed many nice phone calls yesterday afternoon, and evening. :) She and my grandma talked twice, and my mom also recieved a surprise phone call from her friend Linda. :) Linda and my mom became friends at the hospital, she was my mom's roommate. :) my mom and Linda talked, and would like to set up a day sometime soon to go out to have tea/coffee. :) my mom's really happy about that, and is really excited to begin her healing journey. :)
We've been making sure my mom is comfortable, and has everything she needs, so that she doesn't have to worry about anything. :) from the cleaning, doing the laundry, cooking, vacuuming, we've got it covered, and are keeping a very close eye on my mom to make sure she's ok. :) yesterday evening, i went from my computer room to our living room about 20 times to check in on my mom! :) hehe! :) i was making sure she was sitting down, resting. :) i know with her return home, she will have those urges at times to do things, but we remind her that this time right now, at least a good week or 2, she needs to fully focus, and be dedicated completely to nice rest, so that she can fully heal. :) She is definitely getting her appetite back. :) She had a turkey sandwich yesterday evening, and today she was reading one of her magazines, and she said, "Chris, do you know what i want?" and she showed me a picture of her favorite, clear clam chowder. :) i said, "we gotta get that for you soon" :) we've been sharing smiles, and just feeling so very extremely blessed, and fortunate that my mom is ok, and is on the mend, and that she's home with us. :) her spirit is amazing. :) we're very proud of her. :)
It's a really nice relaxing, and peaceful day at home. :) all of us are very relieved, to find this peaceful balance with my mom back home now. :) the past week, and month, we've had some very anxious and intense times, and moments as we worried about my mom. Since we saw her yesterday coming out of the hospital, and returning home, it's felt so very relieving. :) Everyone's wonderful love, care, support, encouragement, thoughts, prayers, and nice healing energy, is being felt with all of our hearts. :) We thank you all, so very much. :) i told my mom, i said, "mom, i am going to buy some cards, and personally thank everyone for all of their well wishes, and for keeping us in good spirits" :) i'm so very much, looking forward to writing those notes, and i know my mom is also looking forward to writing too, with each day, it brings wonderful healing. :) our thoughts and prayers, and our hearts have been with you and your family's also, and always are each day, as we think of you all, and feel such a wonderful friendship warmth within our hearts, and feel this comforting feeling of love, just knowing you all are there for us. :) It's so very much appreciated, very deeply, with all of our hearts. :)
Even when my mom is fully healed from this, we want to make sure, this energy, and spirit we have been putting into our home to keep things in order, to keep things organized, is something we will keep as a part of our lives, so that things are easier on my mom. :) doing chores, and helping out, just a bit, can mean the world of difference. :) my mom does so much for us, and through it all, never expects anything, she is truly such a wonderful guardian angel in our lives, and it's very special to us, to be able to give back to my mom, and to let her know, she's not alone, and we're with her all the way, on this healing journey. :) She's so proud of us, and at the very same time, we're extremely proud of her, and how strong she has been through this. :) her heart, and spirit inspires us, and we look up to her. :) We appreciate her, so very much, and each day, that appreciation grows and grows. :) we're so very happy, thankful, and blessed to have her in our lives. :) Get well very soon mom! :) We love you so very very much! :)
Nature :) nature's played a role, in helping bring some peace, and energy the past month, and especially in the past week, while my mom was in the hospital, i would spent some time in our backyard, whether it was putting some clothes out on the line, or looking at our plants, watering them. :) There was so much in nature that reminded me of my mom, that really touched my heart. :) from thinking about how much my mom loves the plants, the tall sunflowers, and how much she loves putting clothes out on the line, i felt her presence and spirit with me, and it helped to comfort me. :) i've been taking in nature sights. :) yesterday when we went to pick up my mom at the hospital, in the grass areas with trees around, i spotted a cute, and adorable bird, and also a squirrel. :) it reminded me of our nature animal friends that visit our yard, and it was almost like a sign from nature, that my mom was gonna be ok, and would get to come home to enjoy some beautiful and peaceful nature. :) my mom's looking forward to being able to walk around our yard, and seeing the plants. :) She can't wait until those tomatoes are ripening. :)
our plants are continuing to grow, and flourish. :) the plants handled last week's very hot weather, fairly well, and are in that summer growing zone. :) with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and also many flowers growing all around. :) i think this gardening season, is definitely a season of healing. :) i've needed that yard, and garden tours a few times this summer, to bring comfort, and some peaceful nature relaxation that i enjoy so very much, being able to share with everyone. :) i always look for those nature moments, that make me stand in awe and take in the beauty of the golden and classic summer nature. :) some sunflowers blossoming in our bird feeders/gardening area, and during sunset hour, the sun shines directly upon the garden, and it's so golden, it's like a nature spotlight shining upon them. :) i've also been seeing birds visiting, from bluejays, to chickadees birds, and robins. :) i also hear the red cardinal from time to time. :) i admit, last week, especially on friday when it was nearly 100 degrees, i did have autumn season and that cool crisp air on my mind, and the leafs changing colors. :) there's still lots of summer gardening to enjoy. :) i can't wait to make some fresh homemade salsa, and we definitely want to make some more pickles again too. :) it would be so nice also, to make a homemade baked tomato and basil pie. :) i'm looking forward to continuing to enjoy that sweet wholesome, peaceful, and nourishing nature :) Today, my little niece Kayla and i picked some goodies from our gardens. :) We picked tomatoes, string beans, and a cucumber. :) our first harvest of the gardening season. :) Kayla loves to help pick goodies in the garden. :) She said, "soon we're gonna pick peppers!" :) awww! :)
We're enjoying a nice relaxing and peaceful day. :) my family and i are in good spirits. :) We're excited about having my mom home. :) She had a nice lunch earlier. :) She had a turkey wrap sandwich, and even had a brownie too. :) She's continuing to keep strong, and is dedicated to healing. :) She enjoyed watching the news, and soap operas on tv today. :) our animal friends are so excited that my mom is home. :) awww! :) Today for lunch, i enjoyed a turkey wrap sandwich, and a wheat bagel with butter spray. :) lunch was delicious! :) for snack, i had some popcorn. :) i enjoyed some nice quality time here on DS today, and also called our dear, and lovely friends, Lisa (Jobperson), Jasmine (JasmineRenee) and Maria (Love4You) :) we enjoyed nice talks. :) my family and i want to take this time, to thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us. :) You all are so very wonderfully nice, and sweet. :) we deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) BIG GROUP HUG :) tonight, i'm going to enjoy a healthy snack, and going to treat myself to a movie night. :) There's lots of nice things to look forward too. :)
-never lose hope
my mom says hi :) she says "i hope everyone had a good day" :)
Happy harvesting and gardening smiles :) awww! :) The gardening season is really flourishing. :) Lots of flowers growing, and fruits and vegetables growing. :) Today Kayla and i picked some tomatoes, and string beans. :) our first harvest of the season. :) You all are always right there with us in spirit during our adventures. :) Happy nature smiles :)
Our first harvest of the season :) We love harvesting goodies from the gardens. :) nature, and gardening is very rewarding. :)


our bird feeders/gardening area. :) The plants have grown absolutely sweet nature wild! :) the golden days of the summer gardening season :)

our tomato plants are doing amazing! :) they are growing and flourishing nicely. :) lots of cherry tomatoes and roma tomatoes. :)

The Sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith. :) The sunflowers are growing toward the sweet summer sky! :) oh my! :) we got a few sunflowers nearly 9 feet tall and growing and growing. :)

pumpkin patch garden. :) The pumpkin plants are flourishing nicely. :) we hope some halloween pumpkins grow :)

Happy sunflower smiles :)

granny smith apples :) we have lots of apples growing. :) it's gonna be a wonderful harvesting season :)




Asian pears. :) we have lots of pears growing. :) i'd love to bake another cheddar pear pie. :)






morning glory plant. :) we have a morning glory plant that's growing in my mom's peace flower garden. :) It's growing amongst the rose bush vines :)

peach tree :)

apples and pear tree :)

potato plants. :) very soon, we're gonna have a potatoes treasure hunt in the garden. :)



The sunflowers are smiling and shining! :) oh my! :) and growing and glowing :)




snowball bush blossoms :)

We have some new sunflowers getting ready to blossom soon. :)









Dear Chris, Your Garden is soooo your pictures with all the fruits,vegetable and especially the sunflowers
was very hot here in Georgia 100degrees,this morning our air conditioner broke got very hot inside the house...The air conditioner is working again now. I am still a little dizzy from all the heat...
Thinking of you and your familySending best wishes your way

Love, Hugs and Prayers,

Dearest Chris... Your pictures are still fueling my gardening spirit as I had yet another day that I was homebound because of the heat... If Jezzie was running, I\'d be Ok, but alas... Guy has not determined what is wrong with her... :-( Did go to the garden to cut a couple of gladiolus, but it was just too hot today to be out...

I\'m glad Mom is on the path of HEALING!!! You\'re all wize to be sure she takes it easy so as not to backslide again... Still sending TONS OF POSITIVE HEALING ENERGY HER WAY!!

Long hot day on the farm, but I got some things done in the house... Best I could do...chickies gave me 8 eggz so that was good! I also cleaned out the nesting boxes before we got rain... Poured for a while then the sun came out STRONG so that was the end of my outings...

Love to you and Mom and Dad and Kayla and all the others in CT tonight!! Take care and have a peaceful night!! Pups and I are relaxing, Guy is home from up north as it was just a day trip, and we\'re just going to relax!
xoxoxo Cj

Hi Chris Lost my internet earlier Glad to have it back now. Happy to hear your mom is doing well and enjoying her rest.Nice to hear that you all are helping around the house.Nothing wrong with that.Your mom deserves it The garden is looking great. Love to see all the vegetables and fruit and the flowers too, They all look wonderful. Your family will have lots of good food to eat for sure. Thanks for my nice hugs for the day Get well wishes to your mom. Hugs-Stephanie

so glad your mom is home and healing well xxx did you plant any of the sunflowers that are burgendy/red this year?

So glad you\'re mom is doing so well! My x is safely in the geriatric psyc ward under suicide watch, and getting the kind of help he needs---finally. It\'s a big relief for me.

Hey Cutie-Pie-Chris!!!!
So glad that your mama is back home and healing. I know the feeling of having an ill loved one and the relief you feel when they are back safe at home and healing. I\'m sending my prayers and blessing to you, your mama and the whole family.
Your garden is so glorious! A simply beautiful summer garden. You must make amazing salads! To eat from the earth is like the best thing! Store bought goodies can never compare to nature\'s goodness. So clean and pure. How\'s the weather in CT?!? It\'s surprisingly cool here in fact it was raining earlier! Go figure,lol. Anyhoo sweet stuff have a great relaxing evening with your sweet family and just enjoy your loved ones especially your mama.
Sending Heartfelt Huggies and Love,

Love your sunflowers! x

i am so glad that your mom is resting up comfortably and is in such great spirits as you all are. you all pulled thru this difficult time beautifully. you are all so strong!!!!
great pics too!!!

Hello my wonderful guardian angel friend, OH Chris iam so very happy that your mom is recovering so well, that makes my heart smile =o) I just love how you all have banned together to take care of her, you all are so very strong. OMGoodness your garden is amazing!!! =o) So very many granny smiths & asian pears, its awesome, i hope you get to bake some pies with them...oh how very yummy they would be =o) Congrats of your very first harvest, thats awesome! =o) Your pics are stunning, as always =o) Love you bunches & bunches my nature & gardening BUD =o)

Hi Chris, love your sunflowers they are always so pretty. That is good to hear your mom is resting, lots of hugs to her. It is nice that she made a friend in hospital and they going to get together to have tea/coffee sometime. Your pictures of your garden is so beautiful. Your apples look so nice, apple pie would be great to bake with them. The tomotoes and spring beans you picked are nice as well. Hugs