Mold and Mildew Removal - How to Clean Mold and Mildew Stains

Here's a way to get towels off the floor: Sew ribbon loops to bath, beach, or pool towels to make them easier to hang.Red Cover/Getty ImagesAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowBiggest Challenges1. Spotted towels, clothes, and outdoor gear2. Blotchy bathroom walls and curtain liner3. Stained, musty wood furnitureTools You'll UseThe sunAll-fabric bleachWasher and dryerChlorine bleachStiff scrub brush, bucket, rubber gloves, and clothsVacuum with soft brush attachmentMild soapFurniture polishBaking sodaFastest FixesFree your fabrics. Once mold spores land someplace warm, dark, and damp, they begin to grow -- and create those black dots better known as mildew. To remove the stains from towels and clothes, or outdoor gear like chair cushions or tents, first take the pieces outside. If they're wet, leave them in the sunlight -- a natural mold inhibitor -- until totally dry; then use a stiff brush to whisk away loose spores (don't do this indoors, or you'll have a new infestation). Soak spots on machine-washable items for a half hour in full-strength all-fabric bleach. Rinse, and wash as usual. For items that can't go in the machine, rub a few drops of the bleach on the stain; let sit a few minutes; wash with a cloth dipped in mild suds; rinse well (repeat if needed). Air-dry.Rescue the bathroom. If your walls are covered in black stains, you shouldn't go it alone. They may be a sign of a much bigger problem; call a pro. However, to remove occasional brown or black spots from painted - - walls, mix up a solution of one cup chlorine bleach and one gallon of warm water. Don rubber gloves, dip a scrub brush in, and scour the section (being careful not to splash yourself or nearby fabrics). Let the solution set a few minutes; rinse with a wet cloth. Cleaning the plastic shower-curtain liner is even easier: Launder it in hot water on the gentle cycle with detergent and chlorine bleach; add a few old towels to balance the load. Dry on low heat for just a - click here - minute or two. When it's dry enough to carry (and not dripping), rehang it, spread out, on the rod.Freshen furniture. Wooden pieces that have been stored in a humid area often get stained and stale-smelling. Vacuum them using the soft brush tool to remove loose spores (toss the vac bag or clean the cup afterward). Whisk a little dishwashing liquid into warm water, dip in a cloth, and wring well. Quickly wipe the stains (avoid over-wetting the wood). Rinse, just as quickly, with a damp cloth; let dry, and polish as usual. For musty odors, sprinkle baking soda into the drawers. Let sit a few hours, then vacuum.Make It Easier Next Time Try Concrobium Mold Control ($10 for 32 oz., to zap mold from hard surfaces and fabrics and help keep it away.It sounds obvious, but leave the door open after steamy showers to air out the bath.Run a dehumidifier in basements and storage areas to keep moisture in check.