Modify GoHz Single Stage 240v Converter to Break up Section 120v/240v

Besides of the different frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz energy system, European/Asian solitary phase 3wire 220v-240v (L,N,G) is different with American break up stage 4wire 120v/240v (L1-L2,N,G) electrical power supply. GoHz frequency converter is a excellent remedy to convert in between 50Hz and 60Hz to make the appliance operate at its rated frequency between diverse countries, the input accepts the two solitary period 3wire 220v-240v and break up section 4wire a hundred and twenty/240v system, also the output terminals can be picked for either European 3wire common or American 4wire regular. But in some instances, individuals could not observe the difference of the wiring method when ordering a GoHz converter, or just bring GoHz converter to an additional region, as the output terminals are factory-picked, it requirements to do some modifications on the output terminals. This article will show to how to modify a GoHz converter from European/Asian single stage 3wire L-N-G output to American split phase 4wire L1-L2-N-G output.

Warning: please find an seasoned electrician to do the modification and comply with this instruction strictly!!!