Mobile App Marketing

There are new tips and tricks for marketing your iPhone app all the time. We help you discover the latest articles that can help you sell more in the App Store by rounding up links from this blog and beyond. Check out these list:

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With Twitter and Facebook, one key to getting more followers and fans is to keep updating your accounts with interesting and relevant posts. Twitter only lets you enter 140 characters, so the updates do not need to be long. It can be tricky to keep coming up with ideas of what to write, though, so here are some suggestions to get you started:

Before launch:
Start posting before your app is live and update followers on how development is going
Build excitement for the launch by previewing features of the app
Link to articles relevant to the topic of your app

After launch with Buy Google Play Reviews and Ratings for Android App

Promote your app by linking to it in the App Store
Announce a limited-time sale
Give tips for your game or highlight special features
Ask customers for feedback
Engage with others to ask for reviews or feedback
If you were going to start making and selling apps, you’d want to learn from somebody who’d already “been there, done that,” right?

At the time, he had no experience creating apps. He was brand new to it.
Yet that didn’t stop him.
During the first 30 days, he built a few dozen apps and got them listed in the app store.