MLB 15 The Show Recreates Crowdless Orioles Game

Like most modern sports games, MLB 15 - mlb the show 15 - The Showcontains a mode that allows gamers to play along with the current season. CalledThe Show Live, this mode loadsthe real life line-ups for each and every game of the year, allowing players to recreate the same match-ups that they saw ontelevision. While recreating famous sporting eventsinvideo games isn't exactlynew, yesterday developer Sony San Diego went above and beyond to makeThe Show as realistic as possible, and reproducedyesterday's historic between the Chicago White Sox and the Baltimore Orioles in MLB 15by removing the crowd.Since last week, Baltimore residents have been protesting the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who suffered a spinal cord injury while being arrested by the Baltimore police; Gray fell into a coma after suffering the injury, and passed away a week later. After Gray'sfuneral, civil unrest seized Baltimore. Citing safety concerns, Major League Baseball cancelledtwo of the three games between the White Sox and Orioles, which were scheduled to be held at Baltimore's Camden Yards. However,making up the third game was too complicated, and Wednesday's game was simply closed to the public. For the first time in Major League history, two teams played a game in a completelyempty stadium.The virtual recreationof the game is just as off-putting as the real thing. There'sessentially no crowd noise, and only a few spectators in the stands. For technical reasons,Sony San Diego couldn'tremove the crowds completely, and there are a few people in standing-room sections of the ballpark; for some reason that makes the game evencreepier. The announcers, of course, don't mention the fans' absence, andtheir voices are as cheery as ever. It is weird.MLB 15 The Show players can relive the face-off between the White Sox and Orioles in The Show Live mode, but without fans in the seats, the game feels oddlyincomplete - just like the real thing.In other words, Sony San Diego did a stellar job on the simulation, especially given the quick turnaround time. In real life, the Orioles defeated the White Sox 8-2; the scores in digital reproductions vary by player.MLB 15 The Show hit stores a month ago on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. To get a betterunderstanding of just how realistic The Show can be, head on over to our review of the PlayStation 4 edition of the title.Cana virtual sports simulation be anadequate substitute for the real deal? If so, what are the best sports to watch as a video game spectator?Source: Pastapardre