Milwaukee Quik-Lok Attachment System and M18 Fuel Power Head with Video

The new Milwaukee Quik-Lok attachment system is a multi-head solution that includes a power head, string trimmer, edger, pole saw, and articulating hedge trimmer. Sticking with the M18 9.0 Ah High Demand battery pack as the primary power source, it’s an all-in-one product to handle everything the mower can’t.

10-Second Summary

  • 16″ string trimmer – $109 attachment (49-16-2717), $229 with power head (2825-20ST), $329 kit with 9.0 Ah battery (2825-21ST)
  • 10″ pole saw – $164 attachment (49-16-2720), $399 kit with power head and 9.0 Ah battery (2825-21SP)
  • 8″ edger – $109 attachment (49-16-2718)
  • 20″ articulating hedge trimmer – $164 attachment (49-16-2719)
  • 3′ extension – $54 (49-16-2721)
  • Shoulder strap – $19.97 (49-16-2722)
  • Replacement pole saw chain – $17.97 (49-16-2723)


Milwaukee Quik-Lok Attachment System Details

Milwaukee Quik-Lok M18 Fuel Power Head

Like the other tools in Milwaukee’s OPE lineup, they go with an M18 Fuel brushless motorin the power head. Their High Demand 9.0 Ah battery will serve as the primary power source and is what’s available in the kit options. However, you’re free to use any M18 battery from a 2.0 Ah compact pack to the 12.0 Ah High Outputbattery. Just be aware that the battery you use will have an effect on the weight and balance.

Milwaukee Quik-Lok String Trimmer

You’ll get a choice between cutting 14″ and 16″ swaths with the Quik-Lok String Trimmer. Just remove the screws and flip the cutter to switch positions. Milwaukee is also pairing this attachment with their Easy Load Trimmer Headto make those $%#@! line changes easier and less time-consuming.


Key Highlights

  • 14″ or 16″ cutting swath
  • 0.080″ or 0.095″ line
  • Easy Load Trimmer Head included
  • 2-speed controls: 0 – 4900 RPM or 0 – 6200 RPM
  • 73.6″ length
  • 12.3 pounds
  • 2825-21ST Kit: $329 with 9.0 Ah battery, Rapid Charger, power head, and attachment
  • 2825-20ST Combo: $229 with attachment and power head
  • 49-16-2717: $109 attachment only

Milwaukee Quik-Lok Pole Saw

The pole saw attachment goes with a 10″ Oregon bar and chain that ramps up to 4600 RPM in less than 1 second. With the full kit, you’ll get a 3′ extension to give you 80″ of reach.


Key Highlights

  • 10″ Oregon bar and chain: 0.43″ gauge, 3/8″ low profile pitch
  • 0 – 4600 RPM
  • 80″ reach with extension
  • 12.7 pounds
  • 2825-21PS Kit: $399 with 9.0 Ah battery, Rapid Charger, power head, and attachment
  • 49-16-2720: $164 attachment only


Milwaukee Quik-Lok Edger

Using a standard 8″ blade, the edger attachment defines the edges of your hardscape with up to 3900 RPM of speed. Gearing specific for this attachment allows the motor to keep the speed up while a metal alloy guard and skid plate offer resistance to the hard surface you’re working against.


Key Highlights

  • 8″ edger blade
  • 0 – 3900 RPM
  • 38″ length (attachment only)
  • 5.25 pounds (attachment only)
  • Alloy guard and skid plate
  • 49-16-2718: $109 attachment only

Milwaukee Quik-Lok Articulating Hedge Trimmer

Some multi-head systems like Quik-Lok have a hedge trimmer attachment, but Milwaukee takes it to the next level with an articulating model. It’s great for high shrubs or trimming hedge undersides.

You’ll be able to rotate the 20″ head up to 270º and cut branches up to 1″ in diameter. With most cordless hedge trimmersmaxing out around 3/4″, that’s a significant power upgrade.


Key Highlights

  • 1″ cutting capacity
  • 270º articulation with 13 locking positions
  • 3500 SPM
  • Add a 3′ extension for more reach
  • 60″ (attachment only)
  • 5.8 pounds (attachment only)
  • 49-16-2719: $164 attachment only

Milwaukee Quik-Lok Accessories

  • 3′ extension for pole saw and articulating hedge trimmer: $54 (49-16-2721)
  • Shoulder strap: $19.97 (49-16-2722)
  • 10″ pole saw chain: $17.97 (49-16-2723)

Final Thoughts

This is clearly a huge expansion for Milwaukee’s OPE lineup and we’re anxious to get these tools in our hands and start testing them. From the beginning, Milwaukee has said they’re targeting Pros who need battery-powered options to supplement their gas equipment in noise and emission restricted areas. While we don’t see a lot a Pros use a multi-head system, this might just be the ticket as a supplemental tool.


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