Millionaire donates funds to start new Mid-South tutoring progra - WMC Action News 5

An international commodities trader is bringing big news and a great deal to the Mid-South.Charlie McVean is used to making big deals, but the one he cooked up for SCS students may generate the biggest reward for the community. He is donating money to hire students from University of Memphis to - - tutor SCS kids for free."In the modern globalized high tech society, we got to raise the education level of our kids," said McVean.McVean has donated time and millions of dollars over the last 10 years to another tutoring and mentoring program called Peer Power, but he says their biggest challenge is getting enough tutors to work for free."The problem is on a voluntary basis, you can't get enough tutors, and you can't keep them there on a regular schedule," McVean explained.Now, McVean is expanding his new program called Memphis Model. Starting Fall 2015, it will pay university students between $11 and $12.50 per hour to tutor struggling high school students. In addition, tutors will - - also get academic credit for participating.The program will kick off at Whitehaven High and McVean's own alma mater, East High. Tutors from Memphis Model will divide students into teams of 10 that will compete to do their best in academic challenges."Team competition like in sports, like in what makes the American economy so efficient," McVean added.While the tutors will get paid to be in the classroom, students will also get rewards based on how well they do in class."Might be Grizzlies tickets, might be more money, might mean a day off from school," McVean said.He estimates Memphis Model will put tutors in 67 classrooms five days a week, staffing every single Biology, Algebra I, and English class with at least three high-achieving college students.Shelby County Schools is very supportive of the Memphis Model program.Nearly 300 potential tutors have already applied to the program. To find out more, send an email to 2015 WMC Action News 5. All rights reserved.