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Microsoft Excel (also known as MS Excel) is a spreadsheet application that comes bundled in the Microsoft Office software suite. It offers many features including graphing, calculations, pivot tables, and more. Excel is currently the most widely-used spreadsheet program. Check out these Hubs to learn more about using Microsoft Excel.2 Guide to sharing documents in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010by Robbie C Wilson (50 followers)How to share documents use track changes to highlight changes in a document. Use Document Inspector to find hidden personal data, Compatibility checker shows issues older Excel versions may have.EDITOR'S CHOICE4 How to Create a Baseball Scorecardby Eric Cramer (310 followers)Creating a baseball scorecard in Excel is fun and easy. The best part is that you can customize it however you want. Just follow these simple steps. in this hub.EDITOR'S CHOICE1 How to do Nested IF Statements in Excelby Eric Cramer (310 followers)Learning how to use nested IF statements in Excel will save you time and help you to be more efficient. They look challenging, but with the help of this tutorial, you can be using them in no time.2 How to use the SUMIF Function in Excelby Eric Cramer (310 followers)The SUMIF function in Excel is a great way to quickly summarize data without having to create a pivot table. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and you will be a pro at it in no time.6 Using VLOOKUP in Microsoft Excelby Eric Cramer (310 followers)This is an easy to follow guide on how to use the VLOOKUP function in Excel. It is an invaluable tool for manipulating large amounts of data.EDITOR'S CHOICE4 Tutorial: How to Create a Simple Pivot Table in Microsoft Excelby Michele (Jones) Kelsey (147 followers)This tutorial walks you through step by step the way in which to create and edit an Excel pivot table. Pivot tables organize data, allow you to view trends, and help you make informed decisions.5 How to Create a Checkbook Register in Excelby Eric Cramer (310 followers)Keeping track of your checking account activity does not have to be boring. Follow these easy to follow steps to create your own checkbook register.1 Excel VBA - Using A UserFrom To Populate A Databaseby Liam (1 follower)Databases can sometimes require a lot of information to be added to it. Manually typing these in each box can be tedious and sometimes difficult to keep organised. Using a form makes this much easier4 Data Validation in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010by Robbie C Wilson (50 followers)Data validation in Excel allows you to control both the type of data or values that are entered. Input messages and errors are fully customisable. Formulas can also be used for validation criteria.3 Excel Time Saving Tipsby Eric Cramer (310 followers)Excel is a powerful tool can save you a lot of time if you know what tricks to use. Here are some tips that will do just that.EDITOR'S CHOICE2 How to make a line graph in Microsoft Excelby Simon Cook (1,311 followers)Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool that allows you to produce professional line graphs very quickly and easily. With intuitive functionality it's possible to create professional and relevant graphs with the click...3 How to create a diagram in Microsoft Excel using SmartArtby Simon Cook (1,311 followers)This article describes how to create a diagram in Excel using Smart Art. A diagram that looks professional can be a very useful tool in promoting a point within an article, or to explain a concept without having to...6 Create an Interactive Excel Chart using Option Buttonsby Alan Murray (56 followers)Form controls can be added to an Excel spreadsheet to createinteractivity with the user. This article looks at using option button controlsto allow a user to choose the data they want to see on a chart. The first...0 How to Insert a Drop Down Box in Excelby Eric Cramer (310 followers)Inserting a drop down box into Excel is a great way to become more efficient. It is also a powerful tool in controlling how data is shown and calculated.3 How to Make Bar Charts and Graphs in Excelby Simon Cook (1,311 followers)Graphing with excel is very easy; Microsoft Excel has excellent tools to help you produce decent graphs very quickly; there are dozens of types of graphs, and each graph type is fully customizable allowing you to create...0 Sort Pictures in an Excel Listby Alan Murray (56 followers)If you are using pictures in your Excel spreadsheet you maybe having some difficulty with sorting the pictures along with the other datain the list. The good news is that you can sort pictures in an Excel listjust...0 5 Unknown Excel Features To Make Your Work Easierby Alan Murray (56 followers)Excel is an incredible piece of software with many awesome features. Some of this seem to slip by unnoticed yet might make a huge difference to your office productivity. This hub looks at the top 5.5 Export Microsoft Project Data into Excelby Alan Murray (56 followers)If you are using Microsoft Project to schedule and trackyour projects, at some point you will probably want to export your project datainto Excel. Excel can then be used toanalyse and summarise your project data...0 How to Create Charts in Microsoft Office Excel 2003by Patkay (188 followers)Charts make people understand the meaning behind figures they see; this is because they can be able to pick up the patterns and trends illustrated in the chart. This is how you create charts in Excel.EDITOR'S CHOICE0 Excel VBA - Creating A Main Menuby Liam (1 follower)Every Excel workbook that is more than a couple of sheets deserves a Main Menu. This makes it much easier to navigate the workbook as well as keeping the bottom tab bar nice and tidy2 The Home Tab of Microsoft Excel 2007by Patkay (188 followers)The Home Tab of Microsoft Excel 2007 with its seven groups has very important commands necessary for formatting your document. The commands are discussed here in details.0 Microsoft Excel Formulas: Logical Formulas: ANDby Simon Cook (1,311 followers)In mathematics and logic, a two-place (or multiple place) logical operator or logical conjunction results in TRUE if both (or all) of the operands are TRUE; otherwise it will result in FALSE. Writing this down logically...4 Background Image Photo Not Printing Excel - How to Printby TurtleDog (212 followers)Excel has a pretty cool feature that allows you to insert a background image, that repeats infinitly, throughout the entire worksheet. The nice part is that 100% of the Excel worksheet is still fully functional. You...0 How to Add Excel 2010 Data Analysis Add-Inby Binkster (8 followers)The best tool for statistical analysis is the Data Analysis Add-In tool in Microsoft Excel 2010. However, you may have to install this manually if you never have used it before.4 Introduction to Microsoft Office Excel 2007by Patkay (188 followers)Microsoft Office Excel is one of the most commonly used spreadsheet program. It is good for performing Mathematical calculations, it can also be used for data analysis, and creating charts.9 How to Filter and Sort Data in Excelby savateuse (76 followers)Useful techniques for filtering data and sorting data on a spreadsheet. Step by step instructions for working with data in Excel.0 Using the Format Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003by Patkay (188 followers)Format menu of Excel 2003 helps us to format the cells and the entire worksheet. It is through this menu that you can be able to change things like font, font colour, and font size of Excel document.67 What is Excel and its various features?by ethanavaExcel is an Microsoft office application. Excel is mainly used for making calculations and mathematical works. Microsoft excel is a spread sheet application in which no of sheets we can add as per our requirements. In a...0 How to show the Percentage along with the Pie Chart in Excelby teamWork (7 followers)Pie chart has always been an extremely helpful tool to present numeric information in graphical format. The chart itself represents the condition of data of the sectors it indicates. But in some cases this visual...3 Writing excel macros- the simple wayby IndikaT (54 followers)MS Excel is a very good tool for day to day data analysis. But if you know how to use macros with Excel you can do a lot more with it, with a very limited effort. Learn how to work smarter, not harder.0 Copy Filter Results in Excel 2003by Alan Murray (56 followers)If you have filtered your data in Excel 2003 before, I am sure you have also tried copy and pasting the filtered results to another worksheet or workbook.By default, Excel 2003 will copy all the data including...1 Handling Working Days in Excelby Alan Murray (56 followers)When working with dates in Excel at some point you will find it necessary to handle working days only. Excel provides a few useful functions to perform date calculations such as to find the number of working days...0 Create a Combination Chart in Excelby Alan Murray (56 followers)A combination chart highlights different data types, or widely varied data in one chart. Common combination charts include the column and area, or column and line charts.0 Simulate a Cup Draw using Excelby Alan Murray (56 followers)Microsoft Excel can do some amazing things. I like to attemptlittle projects testing what Excel can do. I was asked the other day tosimulate a cup draw using Excel and this is the result. This article will give you...0 Calculating loan repayments in Excelby Alan Murray (56 followers)The payment or PMT function in Excel can be used to calculate loan repayments. This can be very useful in both personal and business life. All you need to do is feed in the necessary details such as the interest...0 Limit Text Length in a Cell in Excelby Alan Murray (56 followers)You may have a requirement to limit the text length ofcells in Excel. This could be to ensure that what is entered into the cell isexactly 9 characters, or is between 9 and 11 characters and so on. To limit the...4 How to repair a Corrupt Excel file in Microsoft Excel?by teamWork (7 followers)Has your workbook stopped working? Has it became a corrupt excel file? Are you looking for a solution to fix your excel workbook? Over here, we will be discussing about a very easy and effective process to fix corrupt... href='' - -