Microscan Introduces Ethernetip For The Worlds Smallest Machine Vision Smart Camera

Virtual Instruments And Panduit Provide Holistic Performance Monitoring Capabilities For EMC VSPEX For End User Computing With XtremIO Proven Infrastructure

One of several cameras in Microscans award-winning AutoVISION machine vision product suite, the Vision MINI Xi offers a complete machine vision tool set for high-speed identification, inspection, and other automated tasks with the optimal size and shape for space-constrained machines. With the release of the Vision MINI Xi Smart Camera in March, Microscan introduced industrial Ethernet TCP/IP to its miniature smart camera line, enabling integration with machines designed for Ethernet connectivity. With the release of AutoVISION 3.0.2 software, the Vision MINI Xi now supports communication via EtherNet/IP for use in industrial environments. To install Vision MINI Xi within a networked automation system, users can rely on AutoVISIONs built-in EtherNet/IP support and one-click connectivity tool, Microscan Link, to connect machine vision tools, inspection values, and settings from the camera to PLCs and other control systems. Compared to RS-232 (also supported by Vision MINI Xi), fully-integrated Ethernet in machine vision smart cameras offers several unique advantages in the communication of data from the camera to other machines networked on a line. The first advantage is speed: as devices are required to capture and store high-resolution images, Ethernet offers data transmission over high-speed connections without impacting production speeds. An Ethernet system can also span longer physical distances without losing transmission speed, using point-to-point connectivity over Ethernet hubs and allowing manufacturers to remove control systems and PCs from the floor and co-locate them in a controlled environment. visit http://www.rfidsolutionsonline.com/doc/microscan-introduces-ethernet-ip-world-s-smallest-machine-vision-smart-camera-0001?atc~c=771+s=773+r=001+l=a

2016 Toyota Mirai First-Drive Fuel-Cells Dawning - SlashGear

Toyota says thats there primarily to clear out the fuel-cell if youre parking the Mirai somewhere you know theres a risk of freezing temperatures (and, indeed, as a courtesy if youre parking in the Japanese system of stacked lots, rather than spritzing the vehicle beneath you). Officially, while the water that comes out of the fuel-cell system is potable, its not recommended that you actually drink it. The fact that the outlet pipe is open to whatever spray gets kicked up from the road means it probably isnt going to taste all that great. The other unusual control by the H2O button is marked DC-OUT. That works with what will be, initially anyway, the Mirais only optional extra: a DC converter that turns the car into a generator for the home. With the Power Take Off (PTO) kit, a socket in the trunk connects to a variety of distribution cabling intended to keep the essentials in your home running should you experience a power cut or other outage. Installed, the PTO can put out up to 9 kW of DC power, to a total of approximately 60 kWh. So, while you wouldnt want to hook up your home air conditioning system to the Mirai, it would nonetheless be sufficient to run the essentials for up to a week, Toyota claims. Pricing for the PTO option havent been finalized, though Im hearing it will be in the region of $1,200. visit http://www.slashgear.com/2016-toyota-mirai-first-drive-fuel-cells-dawning-19356117/

This enhanced solution will provide EMC customers and partners with comprehensive visibility and definitive insight into their infrastructures functions and operations across all virtualized and cloud environments. The EMC VSPEX for End User Computing with XtremIO architecture is targeted at the most demanding application I/O requirements for end user computing where transaction level performance is required. Through collaboration with Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom infrastructure performance management (IPM) and Panduit tapped fiber cassettes, the new XtremIO offering gives users the ability to collect, monitor, and analyze granular real-time data at the storage protocol layer through to the virtualization layer. This solution enables customers to optimize EMC VSPEX with XtremIO deployments to ensure increased application performance and availability, and highly efficient hardware utilization. Pete Eggimann, Director, VSPEX Ecosystem program at EMC, said, We continue to deliver on our promise to give customers best-in-class technology that allows for faster deployments, greater efficiency, and lower risk deploying VSPEX architectures. visit http://www.bsminfo.com/doc/virtual-instruments-panduit-provide-holistic-computing-xtremio-proven-infrastructure-0001?atc~c=771+s=773+r=001+l=a