Michael Kors sues Costco over ads

Kors Designs for Moms Swapping $125 Jeans With Daughters

for alleged illegal use of its trademarks SHARECONNECT 3 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE NEW YORK (AP) Michael Kors is suing Costco saying that it illegally used pictures of its luxury bags in its ads in order to lure in customers without being authorized to sell the designer's wares. In a federal lawsuit filed in New York, Michael Kors accused Costco of a bait-and-switch scheme. It says Costco advertised the bags as starting at $99, but didn't actually have any to sell. Michael Kors says the ads intentionally exploit the popularity of its bags, which can retail for several hundred dollars, and lure consumers away from authorized retailers. Costco has also been sued recently by Tiffany & Co. for alleged illegal use of its trademarks. The lawsuit seeks a halt to the ads along with damages.

Michael Kors Is Designing For Mothers Who Wear Their Daughters Clothes

The shares have climbed 26 percent this year, outpacing the 23 percent gain for the Standard & Poors 500 Consumer Discretionary Index. Kors closed at a 58 percent premium to the index on a price-to-earnings basis today. Nordstrom Savvy Nordstrom Inc. (JWN) has become more of a mother-daughter destination after skewing its Savvy contemporary fashion department to less-expensive fast fashion in the first quarter, Black said. The new cheaper Saturday line of Fifth & Pacific Cos.s Michael Kors Handbags Outlet (FNP) Kate Spade brand debuted four months ago and will have a similar enhancing effect, as has the Pink label from L Brands Inc.s (LTD) Victoria Secret, she said. Joint shopping, however, isnt always fun. Tensions can arise when mothers and daughters disagree about what is appropriate wear, said Paco Underhill, a founder of New York-based retail consulting firm Envirosell. Beemer, who works from Charleston, South Carolina , says it can dispirit dependent millennials.

Crazy new research shows that moms are more likely to spend money on their daughters when the daughters act like they actually want to spend time with her, which sounds pretty obvious to those of us out of junior high. But this logic no longer applies only to the obnoxious tween set. Apparently mother-daughter shopping trips between boomer parents and their 20-something offspring are more popular than ever before, as more and more moms seek not only to befriend their daughters, but to steal their jeans. Michael Kors is just one designer using the expression, Out in her daughters clothes to pump cash back into his yachting budget and thigh-skimming skirts into Moms wardrobe. Kors is targeting both generations by featuring both cashmere sweaters and studded cross-body bags in the same store. Hes found the golden price tag to sit around the $125 mark: a big spend for the daughter and a fun purchase for her mom. I know mothers and daughters who fight over clothes in a way that only sisters used to, Kors explained to Business of Fashion . Candace Corlett, president of New York consulting firm WSL Strategic Retail, puts the new trend down to the increasing number of women between 18 and 30 living at home.