Metabolic Syndrome May Impact an Erect Penis

As many men already know, penis health issues can often be a sign of health conditions that affect other parts of the body as well. This can be true of problems with an erect penis – or, more specifically, when there is a problem attaining or maintaining an erect penis state.  For example, sometimes an erect penis problem may signal an issue with the heart or blocked blood vessels. Another issue related to erectile issues is something called metabolic syndrome. 

What is metabolic syndrome? 

Sometimes called American syndrome or syndrome X, metabolic syndrome is a collection of different conditions – five of them, to be exact, although an individual doesn’t need to have all five of them to have metabolic syndrome. Those five conditions are:

- Chronic high blood pressure

- Too much “bad” cholesterol

- Too little “good” cholesterol

- Increased sugar levels (though not necessarily at a diabetic level)

- Abdominally-centered obesity 

Of these, the last-named is the constant. If a person has abdominally-centered obesity – by which is meant an especially large spare tire around the middle – and any two (or more) of the other conditions, he is said to have metabolic syndrome. 

Metabolic syndrome is not especially well-known among the general public, and that is surprising. Why? Because in the United States, at least a quarter of the adult population would be classified with metabolic syndrome. And the percentage increases as one looks at older population segments. 


Okay, so a guy’s got a big overhanging gut and a couple of other problems. Is that really important? Well, yes, especially when one takes into account the fact that a person with metabolic syndrome is three times more likely to experience a heart attack or stroke, and more than three times as likely to develop diabetes. 

Each of the five factors in metabolic syndrome is dangerous on their own; when grouped together, the danger is even greater. 

Cardiovascular issues associated with metabolic syndrome mean that the heart may not be able to vigorously pump blood at usual capacity. It is that vigorously pumped blood in increased volume that enables the penis to inflate during erections. Without that, erections can be half-hearted or even non-existent. 

It’s important to know that sometimes erect penis issues precede the development of metabolic syndrome. That can be frustrating, but it also may serve as a “wake-up call,” allowing a man to have potential metabolic syndrome diagnosed early on and to take steps to prevent it. 

Treating metabolic syndrome 

If a guy is able to prevent metabolic syndrome from developing in the first place, he is way ahead. This requires monitoring things like blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar, and in adapting a healthy lifestyle. In particular, a man needs to make sure he is eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise. Men with sedentary jobs in particular need to visit the gym, take up a sport or otherwise engage in appropriate levels of physical activity. The Mediterranean diet is often advised to help prevent or treat metabolic syndrome.

Those who already have metabolic syndrome need to make the same lifestyle changes as mentioned above. They may also need to take doctor-prescribed medications aimed at managing the condition. 

Metabolic syndrome’s effects on the erect penis can be further modified if the penis is kept in supreme health, and this aim can be aided by the daily use of top flight penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin).  The ideal crème is going to contain L-arginine, an amino acid. This ingredient helps the body produce nitric oxide. This strengthens the blood vessels so that when a rush of blood is required for the penis, they can expand more fully. Also desirable is vitamin C, which helps give penis skin its tone and elasticity.

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