Mental-health Advocates Fear Fundamental Problems In Virginia Have Been Left To Fester

To support those reforms, lawmakers increased funding for mental-health services by $42million. The feeling was the additional cash was going to help ensure there will be enough people interfacing directly with individuals, said Andrew Goddard, whose son Colin was seriously injured in the shooting. Then Goddard was appointed to the board for the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and, he said, his perspective changed. I quickly realized it was a valuable amount of money, but the place was so chronically underfunded to begin with that it didnt do anything to take the system far forward, he said. And in a short time, we started going backwards, cutting and cutting. Even before Kaine signed the mental-health legislation, he had ordered $300million in spending cuts to try to close a $641million budget gap for that fiscal year. As the real estate market collapsed, the money woes grew and many agencies eventually had to slash their budgets by as much as 15percent, including the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, which laid off a third of its workforce. The bed registry and other projects were put on hold, agency officials said. Mental-health advocates fear fundamental problems in Virginia have been left to fester

Health-care violence: Urologists on edge; motivations under scrutiny

Bureau of Labor and Statistics, nearly 60 percent of assaults in the workplace occurred in health care settings. About three quarters of those assaults were perpetrated by patients or health facility residents. In 73 homicides in health care settings from 1997 to 2009, 20 took place in hospitals. Twelve of the victims were doctors; 15 were nurses.