Mee audio runaway 4.0 bluetooth stereo wireless review

They have a very long battery life. I use them everyday and haven't had to recharge them. Sometimes, though, the sound drops and I don't know why since they get good reception through my car, through walls in my apartment and from pretty far away, but when my phone is in my pocket, the sound drops out, until I place my phone near the headphones. Another thing is that I bought these to work out with, but they aren't very secure on my head, but i guess it's better a little unsecured than hella tight on my head, so I exercise mindful that they can fall off. Other than that, they are pretty good!

Why People Love it:
- Allows you to listen to stereo audio from a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled audio devices.
- Built-in microphone
- Rechargeable design
- Provides a simple wired connection of a variety of devices.
- Folds for convenient storage and comes with a travel bag

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