Medical Neglect in Prison

 My fiance' entered the prison (left county jail) on January 2,2018. They recognized that he was diabetic and gave him medication but didn't check his blood sugar. He also put in a request to have his foot checked because it had a hole in the bottom of it that he had been tending to and keeping it clean, dressed and infection free. FINALLY, after assigning him to a permanent unit, on February 5,2018 they decided to check his blood sugar for the first time and look at his foot. The unit doctor decided to carve the callous from around the hole in his foot. He had him return the next day to carve some more of his foot away. After that they had him return to be checked on Friday February 9,2018. At this point 2 of his toes were turning black and he was taken to the hospital where they inevitably had to amputate 2 toes. They took him back to the unit and he has been housed in the infirmary ever since. All of his property is locked up away from him.In medical, he has no writing materials, no eye glasses and he has not been set up for phone calls yet. They are isolating him from all of his loved ones. He is allowed visitation but I have to drive 8.5 hours to go see him and he can only have 3 visits each month. How can this be allowed? He has money but can't go to commissary becaus his ID card is locked up with his property. Any advice? I am totally new to having a loved one in prison. All help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.