Mbs Standoffs - Using Standoffs for Door Signs

If you are looking for a tension based system that will suspend displays, shelves, lighting, graphics and even pictures; you will need a wire hanging cable system and or a stainless steel rod hanging system. The new look will be modern and updated for 2016. When correctly installed the cable and rod system will hold very tight with the provided tensioners. These rod and cable hanging systems will hold a tremendous weight. You can even use the new system with our LED poster holder or LED acrylic sign holder. To give an even more unique look you can combined the cable track to give numerous and endless possibilities for home, graphic presentations, or merchandise. With our inventory on hand, best prices, and the number one Americas choice you cant go wrong. With a new stainless steel rod system / cable display hanging system for any signage, display, poster, graphic or picture idea you have. For more information about cable display hanging systems or rod hanging systems you might want to look at these sites:http://mbsdisplays.com/ Signage Display Systemshttp://ift.tt/1Rqk0EW Cable and Rod systems [embedded content] from WordPress http://ift.tt/1jVJGydvia IFTTT