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My roommate was gone for the weekend and, as usual when he was gone, she was going to stay over. The lights are out but she has a several candles providing ambient light along with some incense. I walk into my bedroom. She's wearing one of my white button up shirts but has it tied across the middle revealing bare chest and midriff but covering her breasts.

is?J7W03Sdh0pe6ZncBq5kUAMpINQnkhnROETfvHShe's short, '", thin but curvy with perfect c-cups and a nice, round ass. There's a chair from the dining room in the middle of the room. Below that, she's wearing a very, very short, plaid school-girl style skirt with a thick belt and fish net hose. Hearing the door close behind me, she whips her head around with a smirk.

"I've been waiting for you. So, I quickly go to the bathroom for a very quick shower and put on the slacks and button up shirt she left for me. My gf and I had a pretty solid sexual relationship but still liked to spice things up every now and then. I didn't know if that girlfriend of beautiful mature nudes yours was going to let you come out to see me anymore. "Oh, she has no idea that I'm here tonight.

" She walks over to me and hooks her finger along the top of my pants, using it to tug me toward the chair. "Good, I'm glad she missed out. I get home and find a note telling me to clean myself up before entering the VIP room. " We had only done some very half-assed role play before but she made it clear that she was committed to the role this time.

She didn't want to put out tonight, so I'm here to see you. You always pay me more when you're really horny. She dances a little, flipping her skirt up to reveal her garter and black thong. " While saying this, she pushes me back into the chair and straddles my lap while taking a slow grind across my body as she talks.

I look over and there's another note over my bedroom door that says VIP. She isn't quite touching me except with her thighs, but I can feel her heat near my crotch. It was some house/trance mix CD, so each track was 0- minutes long. She sits back in my lap and puts my hands on her hips. When I walk in, she's standing between the chair and my bed with her back to me.

She gets to the top and presses her chest against my face before popping out of my lap and putting on her music. No touching; you know better than that! " She says it playfully but firmly. After a little more of her gyrating in my lap, she unbuttons my shirt and presses her bare chest right up to my face and slowly slides the shirt back revealing her hard nipples.

She unties her shirt letting it just hang open but not showing any more than it already had. She puts my hands back where she wants them which is just barely not on her ass. Her song changes and so does her dance. She stands again, letting the shirt fall to the floor.

She kicks her leg out at me and props in on my shoulder. I slide my hands around to squeeze her ass and she slaps me. She squeezes them together and brushes my cheeks in turn with each nipple. She reaches back and flips her skirt up and finally grinds her ass against me.

She steps forward and hooks her fingers into the sides of her thong. She runs her hands up the insides of my legs, spreading them apart, flips her leg over my head so her but is between my legs. "What would your girlfriend say if she knew you were licking some stripper's cunt?

I reach out with my tongue and she pulls away. " She never used that word. I lean forward and take a quick lick. She's been ignoring you, hasn't she? She just jerks upright and turns around wagging her finger at me. She pushed me back in my seat and ran her hands over my body, not waiting for a response from me.

Wiggling as she bends over, she slides her thong down her legs, presenting her ass first and then her pussy pokes out as she reaches the floor. "Well, if she's not going to enjoy you, I guess you'll have to look elsewhere, won't you? " She wrapped her hand around my neck and pulled my face against her chest, welcoming my lips on her nipple.

She rubbed my obvious bulge while standing between my legs, her tits inches from my face. Not hard, but enough to keep the moment real. haha, of course they aren't or you wouldn't be here, would you? Are her tits as good as mine? " Still rubbing my cock. She moaned and pressed back against me, shifting so that my tongue touched her how she wanted.

"Go on, you can take a closer look. " I dropped to my knees, cock popping out immediately, and buried my face in her freshly shaven, soaking wet pussy. Her hand "accidentally" fell into my lap and she feigned surprise when she touched my exposed cock. You shouldn't have that out in here! She got down on her knees between my legs.

" Then she smiled naked mature women and pretended to check if the bouncer could see. " I nodded as her fingers traced the veins in my cock. Of course, I had to start touching myself, too. "Shh, we could get in trouble for this but I can see how much you really need some attention, don't you? "Here, let me help you a little bit.

After giving enough of a tease, she stopped me and guided me back into my chair. " She tit-fucked me for what felt like hours and seconds alike. She leaned forward and squeezed her tits together around me, sliding up and down. "This is my last song, sweetie, so you better enjoy it. The song ended and she stood up again.

She was now older naked woman except for her black fish nets. "Mmm, that's nice, baby. She took several, tiny steps to cover the two feet between us, making sure to sway her whole body with each beat. " She unzipped my pants and pulled away, turned, and leaned forward with her hands on my dresser and her pussy on display.

There was only a pencil thin streak of hair leading up from her moist lips. If you're quiet, I'll even let you finish yourself at the end of our time. She moaned in approval before pulling me away, sliding her leg down my arm as she lowered herself into my lap.

She stood straddled over me and pulled her leg up over my shoulder again. She held my head with one hand and guided my face to her pussy, letting me lick her again. This time, it was her knee hooked over the back of the chair. " She winked and unbuckled her belt, letting her skirt fall to the floor with her shirt and thong.

"I told you, no touching. I grab her ass and pull her hard against me. She gives a much softer slap. Her legs wrap around my waist and I place her on my dresser. I couldn't take it anymore, which in hindsight, I realize was her intent all along. She held the back of my neck with both hands and started grinding her naked body against me. Her tits against my chest and sliding her pussy against my cock.

" This time it's whispered and she doesn't pull away at all. I keep her tight against me and stand up. She's giving herself to me and wants me to take her hard. Do I need to finish before it's over? " With that, I push my cock against her and slide all the way in.

She is absolutely soaked. It's slamming against the wall and she starts to slide back and forth across it as her juices gush out onto the surface. I grip her hips and use her body for leverage while I keep slamming into her. " She slaps at the CD player and starts the track over. "And I told you that I'm here because I didn't get any at home.

She's breathing faster, trying to keep somewhat quiet, still staying in character. I take my cue and begin fucking her hard on top of my dresser. She digs her fingers into my back and her teeth into my shoulder while she moans in ecstasy. Her body goes tense and lurches forward.

With all this build up, I know she'll get her first orgasm ridiculously fast so I don't slow down. I feel her legs twitching with each stroke and know that she's cumming hard. She's clutching the edge of the dresser trying to steady herself. "Will the bouncer check on you after this song? When she's good and worked up, like now, she'll cum one after another as long as I can keep it going.

I continue my assault of her pussy but she's sliding too far off the side to keep it up. She loves getting fucked hard from behind. She kneels on the seat and leans on the back. I grasp her hips and slam into her from behind. Sometimes I have to go easier when I'm on top, but she's never had me hold back from behind. I pull her off me and guide her quickly to the chair.

I can't even tell when one orgasm stops and the next starts. I brace my legs apart and jackhammer in and out of her, rocking the chair back and forth. I keep fucking her like this, but it's a pretty heavy full body workout and I'm just not up for it for long after a full day at work. She regains some composure and turns back to me, still keeping character.

"Shit, I think the bouncer is coming. My legs start getting weak and my arms are slowing down. She straddles my lap and grinds her clit against me. " I grasp her hips and pull her back down, sliding back into her. "He tapped his watch; I need to head back out. "I need to get back out there quick or they're going to come in here!

Looking down, I can watch her asshole twitching and winking at me near constantly. Still trying to keep quiet, she bites down on the back of the chair to muffle her moans. She slides all the way back down and does it again. It's clear how much this has turned her on and the look of control falls completely from her face.

" I pull out and we switch places, me in the chair fully dressed with my shirt open and cock out, her older nude ladies but for fish net stockings. Seeing that I'm determined not to let her up she says "well, I did say you could finish before the end of our time.

She starts whispering nude older mature women in my ear in her beautiful mature nudes sexy, sultry voice. "I need you to cum, baby. " She presses her breasts back to my face, taking full, long strokes up and down my cock. This motion is going to set me off quickly. To give me all your cum? " I squeeze her ass, controlling her speed to get it just right.

She feigns resistance, pulling away which only makes her slide up and down my cock. " Meanwhile, she's squeezing her pussy and making quick motions up and down my head. I'm still holding her hips to keep her in my lap. I moan to her that I'm close. I know you're soo full. I still have to work and I can't go out there with your cum on me or dripping out of my pussy!

I'm almost there and I nod at her to let her know. " She pulls out of my lap and looks around quickly before dropping to her knees, grabbing my cock and stroking it. I clutch the seat of my chair to keep from thrusting into her throat as the first wave of cum explodes out of me.

"You'll have to finish in my mouth so I'm not a mess. This wasn't my gf, though. Typically, she would have me cum on her face or chest as she didn't like it in her mouth (that changed later, but different story). That's why you're here isn't it?

This was her fantasy of taking control. She milked my cock as I shot load after load into her mouth, her tongue lapping along the underside of my cock with each stroke. Her tongue kept flicking against my tip sending waves of pleasure as each drop emptied into her. " Looking straight into my eyes while she says it but not waiting for a response, she takes my head into her mouth and strokes my shaft.

She stared into my eyes the whole time. As my orgasm slowed, she slowed her strokes and began twisting her hand. My gf doesn't swallow and apparently neither does this stripper! Finally, she sat back, letting my still-hard cock slide from her mouth. I relaxed and said "ok" to let her know I was done, essentially ending our role play.

Apparently, my roommate wasn't quite as out of town as I thought he was and since she had made such a point of keeping quiet, he didn't expect to see her streaking out the door at that particular point. I hear him yell "oh, shit! She popped up and darted out of my room heading for my bathroom right next to my door.

She sat there, still touching me through my last few twitches, looking like a chipmunk with her cheeks full of my cum. Her tongue is running circles around me and I'm right back on edge. Well, directly across from my door is the dining room. Apparently, seeing him there while she was stark naked surprised her quite a bit and she spewed my cum out of her mouth, across the wall, and into the floor.

I stop when my toes touch something wet on the carpet. He's nearly in the floor laughing at my expression as I look down. My gf and he knew each other, of course, but she wasn't around very often so they didn't really know each other well. She flattens her tongue along the underside of my head and slides her mouth up and down the first couple inches while tightly stroking the rest of my shaft.

We had opposing work schedules, so when we were together, it wasn't usually at home except for weekends when he's usually gone. I straighten myself up enough to walk out and cross the door way. He says he didn't even know we were home until he heard the banging on the wall and enough time had passed without hearing more that he figured we were done and crashing out in bed.

" and the bathroom door quickly slam. For some reason, she didn't like it when I brought her what she was wearing when I got home. Hence his exclamation. Needless to say, she was mortified and I had to bring her her regular clothes.