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The building seems deserted. It feels somehow wrong to walk upon them barefoot: one gets that feeling of vulnerability, putting ones naked feet into the domain of boots. Nobody comes to investigate the patter of his feet on the tiling. Thats the one, shed told him. "Thirty-two" - she said, "knock thrice, then twice, then five times.

Being in this corridor, with its row of sliding doors and its institution-green walls is a strange sensation in and of itself: he keeps expecting somebody, maybe a stern nurse or a dark-suited official, to emerge from one of the doors and ask him why, exactly, is he strolling down this corridor with his hair all wet, wearing nothing but a fuzzy bath towel.

He pauses for a second. Its dark in there: he cant make out much except the flooring, which seems to be a larger gauge of tile than outside. An outside observer might take his expression for trepidation at this moment. The doors lack number plates (in fact, they dont even have handles), so he counts them aloud as he walks – eleven, twelve, thirteen, and all the way down to thirty-two.

The feeling is altogether exciting. He adjusts the towel and steps inside. The door slides open almost soundlessly. The air here smells mildly of dust. Warm hands cover his eyes and he gasps, but recovers quickly. One of the hands moves down to his mouth, extending a finger across his lips: hush. The door slides shut behind him. He can hear something like the whirring of cooling fans, perhaps.

It waits there for a few seconds, then yanks on it firmly, exposing him in one swift motion. He leans back into her and simultaneously she moves forward to press against him: he feels the fabric of her clothing on his bare skin.

Shes seemingly wearing some sort of button-up shirt, and as she moves in to nip at his neck, the plastic plate covering her eyes rubs against the side of his face. He realizes what it is as she spins him around herself and presses him into the wall (Noise insulation foam? Having made its point, the hand slides further down, to the knot of his towel. hello to you too" - he manages.

That feels like noise insulation foam), so that he faces her. The excitement he feels is perceptible in the increased rate of his breathing, the slight flush of his face, and, as he spreads his legs more, realizing hes being displayed before her, in the vigorousness of his erection. One of her hands caresses his throat, while the other brushes past his cock and travels upward, stopping to pinch a nipple, before both hands tilt his face slightly and she kisses him.

Her mouth tastes of something chemical, odd - but not unpleasant. Theres a little red pilot light blinking in the darkness, just where her left eye would be – thats a nightvision set, rendering everything for her in real color with an IR lamp and a rather sophisticated image transformation algorhythm.

), which she allows for a few seconds, before catching them in her own. Hes been at least semi-hard with anticipation since he stepped out of the shower and into the corridor, but the sudden revelation that she can see him perfectly and is inspecting his body while he is totally blind has had a profound effect on him.

He takes a few tentative steps forward and pauses, listening. His hands move to grope her ass (Jeans, huh? She pictures of mature woman women bites his ear lightly, then removes her hands; he keeps his where she put them. The light moves down and up as she looks mature nudes women nude him over. She returns the favor by groping his ass herself and giving it a sharp slap.

Her hand comes in with something cold and slippery, and he barely supresses a yelp. She hums to herself as she inspects his shaved asshole, then gives his cock a few long, languid strokes, making him arch his back a little more. Her fingers circle his asshole a few times while her other hand continues stroking him. Just as quickly, hes spun around, his palms pressed against the wall with hers over them.

Then she pushes a finger inside, slowly at first. He swears he heard her chuckle very quietly at that. Looking over his shoulder, he sees the light dip down somewhat, just before something bigger than a finger presses against his ass and starts slowly pushing its way inside.

It goes deeper, pausing sometimes – shes quite gentle with it, even though he says nothing – until its almost all the way in. The finger starts moving inside him; after a while, another joins it, all the while her hand keeps jerking him off, the pace ramping up steadily.

Then, the light sinks down, and he feels her hot breath on his cock, just as her hand returns to the dildo – no, vibrator, he realizes a second later – up his ass. The mature woman black women porn lewdness of it all makes his breath catch a little; still he makes almost no sound. She makes him turn around again with a yank on his shoulder, so that hes standing before her, looking into her pilot-light for a few deliberate seconds.

Just as soon as he starts having trouble holding back, older naked ladies she withdraws her fingers. Her tongue moves up his shaft as she withdraws the vibrator slowly. Hes played with himself like this before, so he just thrusts his butt out further and stays silent. He grins at it, then lets out a long moan as she takes it out again.

Then she pushes it back in, now licking along the head. please stop, not yet, nooo – ohh~" - he doesnt quite manage to finish that, but she gets the message. Still, she just licks it. The vibrator is slid out, and he staggers back to lean on the wall as she moves about in the dark, gathering something clinking. The light blinks mischievously at him from below.

Theres a rustle of fabric, some more clinking, a click, and the red light moves back to hover before his face. Shes Older Naked Ladies now, he realizes, and an idea asserts itself in his mind rather suddenly. The feeling of emptiness is almost unusual now. She melts in his arms, and in this moment he knows that he could turn the tables on her right now, push her to the floor and take her, night vision or no.

His hands move quickly to grab her, one going to her bare ass, the other cupping her breast, as his mouth comes down almost painfully upon hers. She recovers, pushing him back against the wall, then breaking the kiss and twisting his arm rather roughly, then locking something over it with a metallic clang. Hes moaning a lot now, not knowing whether to move back toward her thrusts or forward to try and sink himself deeper into her mouth.

Before he realizes it, his hands have been cuffed behind his back. He hesistates deliberately, and the moment passes. Her hands grab his hips firmly, and the vibrator slides back inside him in one smooth motion. She tugs sharply on his hair, then slaps his ass again, this time hard, and he cant help but gasp. He can hear her getting up, and then she spanks him again, repeatedly, and he moans with each slap.

Without any sort of preamble, she starts fucking him rough and hard, her body rhythmically slapping against his. Jerking his cuffs upward by the chain, she pushes him to his knees first, then her hand comes down on the back of his head and she forces him to press his cheek against the cool tiles of the floor. He feels her tits pressing against his back as she moves in to growl in his ear, making him shudder under her.

He tries to protest, but only manages a vaguely indignant noise before she pulls out. Then suddenly, she stops. She pounds him relentlessly; his eyes roll back; the still-conscious part of his mind suspects that he might be drooling. Her voice is a little hoarse – she hadnt spoken in a long time.

He grabs on to her waist with his legs and pulls her all the way inside, but she hikes them up over her shoulders, pinning them in place. He takes a few seconds to collect himself, then does as hes told. She looks at him for a few seconds, then pushes back in – agonizingly slowly this time.

"You look like a total slut, babe", she says, and kisses him again. Her nails rake along his back as her hands move to grab his shoulders, pressing down on them. wanted to get a good look at your face", she whispers. " Something like a smile replaces the sex-addled expression on his face for a moment.

She sticks her thumb in his mouth and he starts sucking on it happily, lost in the sensation of being taken by her. His whole body writhes beneath her, but she holds him firmly in place. "Now cum", she breathes, "Cum for me". She keeps going throughout his orgasm, and slows down gradually, letting her breath out and then collapsing on top of him, heedless of the mess between them.

His toes curl, and he lets out a low moan as his cock shoots sticky sperm all over their stomachs. " - sounding groggy now. He can almost feel her smile at that before she takes his cock in her mouth and starts sucking hard, while her hand picks up the pace.

" She tucks his blanket in. The last thing he feels before sleep overtakes him is her hand running through his hair. She starts jerking him off roughly, causing a sharp intake of breath. He mumbles something, still lost in his post-sex afterglow. "At least get to bed before falling asleep. He laughs, but it catches in his throat as she renews her previous pace.