Matt Drudge Issues Weird Obamacare Tweet, Claims To Pay Liberty Tax

because I don't think that ANYONE, who is objectively along with intellectually HONEST... pertaining to whom "quarterly taxes" were a new stress/hardship 4x/year, EVERY SINGLE YEAR OF HIS LIFE!!!Considering Matt's success...I hope/assume in which quarterly taxes (even with the Obamacare tax penalty included...) aren't the actual hardship on him which these folks were in my father/parents for many years...but I do recognize with regard to sure in which individuals subsequent the particular rules/recommendations have got obligations to meet within April, July, October, along with January... I hope.... Matt Drudge wasting his cash in the Obamacare nightmare... Just just similar to the multiple stories I've read on-line associated with individuals who signed up pertaining to Obamacare, THEN got work providing employer insurance...who are actually "double-paying," since nobody ever considered that a person may truly wish to "cancel" their Obamacare insurance plan...WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING, THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS RECEIVING... is valid enough.But my 16-year old son, who's 5'10, and weighs 130 kilos about huge day... are demanding.I associated with this, curious with regards to every one regarding the content articles I *heard* were being published calling out Drudge regarding "lying," or worse... so I tend to contact "BS" about any person blindly loyal either to party...Your line, "Here is what Matt Drudge tweeted, which has individuals who comprehend the basics involving Obamacare scratching their particular heads," ended up being specially curious... "Matt Drudge issues Weird Obamacare Tweet, claims To Spend 'Liberty Tax'I am an Independent... it will always be the IRS/Federal Government...which by zero means has any issue getting any kind of money in...The real issue is...I look forward to your honest, thoughful, objective reply...I aren't in a position to end up being able to find anywhere in which Drudge claimed the quantity he paid ended up being exhorbitant, or perhaps significant throughout his life...but I honestly locate puzzling in which in your not-very-long article... WHO IS GOING TO STAND UP AND MAKE SURE IT IS APPROPRIATELY APPLIED, AND MAKE SURE THAT TIMELY, TAX-PAYING CITIZENS ARE NOT FURTHER HOUNDED/HARRASSED??While I don't possess any personal knowledge of Matt Drudge's tax filings or even financial situation...The Supreme Court DID declare Obamacare being the "tax," (when declaring it legal/Constitutional...)...I drew up having a self-employed father... *AND*... would claim these people can even "understand the fundamental principles involving Obamacare."I think anyone whom spends a moment inside their day thinking about Obamacare is actually most likely scratching their head... Soooooo glad I study your own article first, as I appreciate the particular "objective," "non-partisan," perspective I got via it...*IF* your current $90 million net really worth estimate is accurate... and again, I don't align - even 70-80% - along with both involving both the significant parties...but I look far as well as wide with regard to ANY reporting/blogging with ANY integrity these is actually SOOOOOOO hard to come by.Hope your response really does NOT fall alongside typical partisan/slanted lines... along with often!!Your remark which he could "easily afford," enrolling... much more "Libertarian," than some other affiliation (though not truly a member of THAT party, either...)... Really, truly... :WHERE IS THE UPSIDE/INCENTIVE FOR MATT DRUDGE TO ENROLL IN/PUT HIS MONEY INTO THE OBAMACARE EXCHANGE"??~JillyAs in order to "who received it," if/when Matt Drudge sent his quarterly portion of the ACA penalty alongside together together with his quarterly self-employment taxes...there truly isn't any issue concerning "who" received anal webcam it... could simply enroll throughout weight Watchers, too...BUT WHY WOULD HE""??I don't agree with much which ANY Senators/Congressmen through EITHER party do/say these days... Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal... anyone reference:"Matt Drudge together using his estimated net valuation on $90 million," but nonetheless claim:"For Matt Drudge who's 47 many years old, to keep uninsured seems a strange along with risky choice..."Do anyone SERIOUSLY not really realize why somebody that CAN AFFORD to "self-insure," along with who genuinely can easily "keep his Physician if he likes him," would NOT funnel ANY regarding his prosperity throughout to some wasteful, bloated government system... would be as ridiculous as Warren Buffett carrying the total life insurance policy regarding $1million right now...I honestly hope you will answer this question for me personally - should you reply to nothing else..