Mati Kochavi: 21st Century Innovator Of Global Security Solutions

AGT International Enters Brazil

Kochavi states, We have more information at our fingertips today than at any time in history. The challenge is to find one vital note through the cacophony of noise. Only then can we enable governments, corporations and individuals to predict, prepare for, prevent and manage public safety and security challenges. In a " Homeland Security Today " article Mr. Kochavi commented on recent events in the Middle East, When you look at all those events and you ask yourself: How come with all the intelligence that we have over there, all the relationships we have over there, with all the business the world is doing over there, how come we were quickly unable to predict such a dramatic historical change in the region while basically all the information was out there for us? He continued, If you cannot predict events then you cannot manage them properly. Prediction is not only a question of looking, its a question of where to look, where to find information. It is understanding where the voices are and being able to bring those voices in the right way to the right people. Today, AGT International has more than 2,400 employees representing more than 50 nationalities. It operates on five continents and manages $8 billion in projects worldwide. It is one of the fastest growing security and public safety organizations in the world and is helping national and local governments make better decisions about the safety and security of their citizens by utilizing innovative data collection and analytics tools.

Based in Sao Paolo, Mr. Barioni will be responsible for overseeing to learn more AGT International's entrance into the Brazilian market and the growth of new business lines. AGT Brazil is primarily focused on providing governments and corporations with end-to-end public safety and security solutions that address the complex challenges associated with urban management, mega event management, and critical asset protection, particularly on- and off-shore oil companies. Mr. Barioni most recently served as CEO of Grupo Facility S.A. He has also worked view publisher site for Gol Airlines, Vasp and served as the head of TAM Airlines from 2007 to 2009. Mr.