Masturbation and the Other Senses

Masturbation, for most men, becomes a regular part of their sex lives early on. Even before they are able to ejaculate, they are often rubbing and stroking their penis and enjoying the sensations this activity brings. And once ejaculation is added into the mix, it really becomes a pleasure that he is anxious to return to again and again. As a component of sexual health, it is also part of penis health, and practice often helps prepare a man for his first partner-based sexual encounters. 

However, as frequently as a man may masturbate, it’s rare that all his senses are engaged. Frequently, he concentrates only on touch or on touch combined with sight. Yet incorporating all of the senses into masturbation can be very rewarding for a man. 

Visual animals 

Clearly, there’s a reason why touch is the go-to sense where masturbation is involved. Physical stimulation of the penis (and other erogenous zones) is almost always part of masturbation; there are very few men who can spontaneously ejaculate strictly from exposure to senses other than touch. 

And men, we are constantly told, are very much visual animals (supposedly more so than women), so with the easy availability of pornography online, it’s no wonder that many men exercise their visual senses quite keenly during their masturbation sessions. The visual sensations available are far ranging and can fulfill almost any taste. 

Other senses 

But that’s no reason to let the other senses – sound, smell and taste – go wanting when masturbating. Incorporating these senses into self-play can open up new reactions, which may be especially welcome if the masturbation routine has become a little – well, routine. 

But how to incorporate the other senses? 


This may be the easiest. For those watching videos on mute, raise the volume and let the auditory experience be added in. But there are other ways of adding sound. For example, many online resources exist which feature audio files for masturbating. These may be music with a steady beat that features people moaning or gasping, for example. Or it may be recordings of people talking while they masturbate or reading sexy, erotic stories. 

But it may be more worthwhile to go beyond being a passive listener. Instead, a guy can incorporate his own moaning, heavy breathing, comments, mindless blathering, etc. into his masturbation. Many men grow used to being silent while masturbating so that no one else will know; but if a guy is alone and doesn’t have to worry, it can be liberating to let it all out vocally while stroking the penis. 


Men forget how strong scents can be, so utilizing aromas during masturbation can make it a new experience. Some men like to use their own scent and take a few whiffs from under their arms. Others may want to try something else, such as sniffing a lime or lemon or lighting incense or ginger-scented candles. If there is a particular scent a man finds erotic, he should definitely bring it on. 


As with scents, some flavors have an arousing effect on some men. Knowing what the triggers are can help a guy add whipped cream, fresh oranges or wine to his self-sensual diet. Does his female friend have a favorite food? Adding a little of that taste may make an interesting difference.

Masturbation is an excellent way to explore all the senses – and may lead to overdoing things a bit. That’s why regularly applying a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is so important. Use of a good crème helps protect against rawness from excessive handling – especially if the crème possesses L-carnitine, a neuroprotective amino acid that helps prevent loss of sensation. The crème also needs to include a combination of Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (an excellent hydrator), so that it can moisturize and soothe away raw penis skin.

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