Massage These 6 Areas To Immediately Relax A Fussy Baby

Massage Center in Goa:

It is really difficult for new parents to stop their crying or fussy baby. Babies can’t express their real problem and this makes the parents really worried. You too must have faced the same issue, I guess. We all tend to rush to the doctors every now and then. But, if you can learn about the technique of reflexology, things may become bit easier. This is nothing but a massage technique and you need to massage certain reflex points of the body so that your little one’s pain is alleviated.

Even I have used this technique at home and I have been highly benefitted. Massage parlour in Mumbai offers this reflexology; however, you can always do it at home as well. I have listed here the main reflex points that you can use to calm down your fussy baby.

Cold and respiratory issue:

Cold is a very common issue in the babies. They are so prone to cold that you will feel that your baby gets cold almost once a month. At least I have faced this issue. And thankfully, the reflexology can help you greatly here. Just press the center tips of the baby’s toe and they will feel much better. It will reduce the severity of sinus issue.

Indigestion and constipation issue:

Is your baby suffering from indigestion issue? This is again a very common issue in the babies and thankfully you can again use the reflex points to alleviate your baby’s pain. There is a middle point between the baby’s feet and pad. You need to massage that area gently to relieve the babies from pain.

Upset tummy:

Upset tummy too can be treated easily using the reflexology points. In such a case, you need to massage the center of the baby’s feet. This area is directly connected to the solar plexus which is a bunch of nerves between the lungs and stomachs. Massage center in Mumbai offers such kind of baby massage. So, you can visit their parlor to get help.

Teeth ache:

Teeth ache is common while the baby is teething. What you need to do is just massage the tips of the baby’s toe and they will feel really relaxed. I have used this technique so many times to calm down my little daughter.

Chest pain:

Babies can suffer from chest pain which is due to the congestion and cough issue. They feel so uncomfortable in this issue. But, you can immediately calm down your little one by using a reflex point. The feet pad is the point that you need to massage in a circular motion gently and they will feel much better.

Pelvis issue:

The babies sometimes cry a lot due to the pain in their hips area. There are several reasons for hip pain such as bad posture, growth issue, etc. Anyways, whatever is the issue, you can relax your crying baby by massaging their heel area. It works really wonder.

So, use these reflex points while in need and you will be highly beneficial to calm down your fussy baby.