Massage + Slimming Tea eliminate belly unwanted fat
Together with the accelerated tempo of daily life, lots of people are busy in working, and most of them have irregular life, and this progressively fashioned indigestion, constipation, and so on., specially belly excess fat a lot, not only ugly but in addition seriously affect the well being from the physique,

in the event you have constipation, diarrhea, youll be able to do stomach massage clockwise counterclockwise stomach massage, you are able to get self-massage around the mattress face upward or around the couch posture, legs buckling, loosen up.

1, force the abdominal . Begin in the bottom of the sternum alongside the midline on the upper body with all the palm pushing down around the first 1 to 2 minutes, steadily increasing techniques. There chest Shun gasoline, digestion relieves congestion role.

two, transverse friction upper abdomen. With the left palm to palm root concentrate mostly remaining to ideal horizontal friction. Just like push-based, then the emptying with the stomach contents of assist function; which include within the higher abdomen stomach region transferring clockwise Mount for reinforcing-reducing, ie not biased nor partial fill diarrhea, is often a much more tranquil approach, adjust the balance can play a role in escalating the abdomen digestive perform, promote bile and pancreatic juice in to the tiny intestine. Therapeutic massage could be 1 to two minutes.

3, rubbing the small intestine. To navel because the heart, heel keep navel, remaining 4 fingers shut with each other, rubbing inside a clockwise direction from 1 to 2 minutes, back for the correct inside the same position in the counterclockwise path Roudong one to two minutes. Can market the tiny intestines to help digest.

4, pushes and stomach. Fingers placed on the two flank (subcostal), the sides on the abdomen pushes to midline, pressured from mild to heavy, two hands on the abdomen to move steadily in the decrease stomach, may be continuously pushed 1 to 2 minutes. Can therapeutic massage the stomach organs, can modulate abdominal organs function.