Massage slimming system

one, Zusanli massage
Zusanli locates on the outward knee in the base of a finger broad. Is bodily fitness and longevity factors, can treat bloating, stomach discomfort, loss of hunger, diarrhea, constipation, weakness and other signs and symptoms.
Sanyinjiao internal ankle up three fingers broad position. Particularly appropriate for chilly and increased lumbar foot genital illness resistance.
slimming system: 3 inches outdoors the knee, a couple of lateral tibial Wang pointed to Zusanli. Thumb rubbing the outlet consistently a hundred and twenty times.
2, massage fat loss
inside the center involving Zhongwan chest and navel therapeutic massage this level has fantastic effect on persons have a weak abdomen. Immune compromised folks are particularly effective. Sea air navel down a finger widths, mental disorders, depression have a good effect.
Guan Yuan navel down 3 finger widths of stomach chilly can relieve bodily symptoms such as cold effect.
Therapeutic massage slimming approach: Use each palms to attract a sizable circle way from right to still left wipe lotion applied towards the reduce stomach and midsection, continuous circle five instances.
Towards the major in the midsection by a hip technique to attract a circle push five times. Vertically down in the chest towards the stomach under the start out, with each hands overlapping waves therapeutic massage three instances, then along the exact same direction with comfortable kneading therapeutic massage 5 occasions, market lipolysis and drainage capabilities.
Stress ears to lose bodyweight
It can be stated the ear can also be pressed to shed excess weight oh. Weight reduction course of action manage of food is possibly by far the most challenging factor, anytime we really feel hungry, when pressed around the very first factors around the ears of hunger, which can help you lower the urge for food to attain weight-loss benefits.
Ears, certainly one of our five senses, however it seems much better to place the eyes, nose, a lot more vital, it was the nose pad, it had been open eyelid, nobody appears to thoughts played around the ear.
In truth there is a gorgeous ears with our essential partnership, say, ear stress can drop bodyweight. Occasionally weight loss is really a really individual subject, a trial of acupuncture to drop fat around the soul, it was small impact of acupuncture to drop excess weight, lose weight for hand ear stress impact is clear.
There are many acupuncture points around the ear and brain are connected urge for food, encourage those few factors can control it.