Marvel Super Heroes

"This is for NOVA CORPS!"Teenager Richard Rider found himself cast into the role of a superhero one day after being chosen at random by a dying member of the Nova Corps. This dying member was called Rhomann Dey, and he gave his powers and role as a Nova Centurian to Rider. Rider relished his new role as a superhero and battled many supervillians while trying to balance a normal life as a teenager on the side. Eventually, when his powers were needed to rebuild a war-ravaged Xandar, he relinquished his powers to return to Earth as a normal human.Months later, NIght Thrasher tracked Rider down, beliving his powers had not been removed completely. He reawoke Rider's powers and made him part of his new team of heroes: The New Warriors. After a few small escapades with these heroes Rider was found by Super-Nova, the last of the Nova Corps Centurions. He held the entire nova force and had been driven mad by it.The New Warriors, with help from the almost-insane Super-nova, Firelord, and Air-Walker,set of protocols that helped resurrect the planet Xandar. The Nova Corps were reinstated, and Rider was made Centurion Prime.He joined and left multiple teams (such as the New Heroes) before being called back into the Nova Corps for an important mission. The mission was to take down the Annihilation wave. Rider was the only one to survive and was thus given the entire Nova-Force as well as having the Xandarian Worldmind (a collection of every mind that ever lived on Xandar) downloaded into his brain. Realizing his role as the only Nova centurian Rider formed the United Front, an army to oppose Annihilus. This army contained super heroes such as Silver Surfer, Ronan, Gamora, Moondragon, the Spaceknights, Blastaar, Stardust, Firelord, Red Shift, Super-Skrull, and many others. With this army Nova squashed Annihilus's forces and kill Annihilus himself.Years later, the Phalanx invaded a planet called Kree where Nova was. He tried to escape but was seriously wounded and infected with the transmode virus. Kree's military commander, Ko-Rel, tried to help Rider and was given some of the Nova-Force by the Xandarian Worldmind in Rider's body. The Transmode virus took control of Rider's mind and he fled Kree. Ko-Rel tried to subdue Nova but was not as strong as he was. Nova killed Ko-Rel and regained the part of the Nova Force that had been given to her.The Worldmind broke control of the Transmode virus and showed Rider his own mind. Rider saw he had a chance, and with this new hope, set out to find a cure for the virus that was slowly killing him. Rider created a wormhole and teleported to an uncharted region of space. The region was called "Knowhere." Nova killed the zombies that had infected that region and was cured by a local hero named Tyro. Free of the Transmode virus, he returned to Kree and defeated the Phalanx.The Xandarian Worldmind concluded Nova had become mentally unstable from holding so much power for so long (when in reality it was the Worldmind that had become unstable) and left Rider's body, taking the entire Nova-Force with it. Rider was left on Earth as a normal human once again.On Earth Nova realized he was dying. Without the Nova Force his body had lost its will to live. He located the Xandarian Worldmind and convinced it that it was the one that was unstable. The Xandarian Worldmind reloaded itself into Rider with the Nova Force, making Rider Nova Prime again. href='' - -