Marrs Wealth Management Awarded For Historic Preservation Of Building

Svec was impressed by the dedication Marrs had to replicating the buildings original look, and how accurate the new awning was to the original pictures stored at the Historical Society building. Craigs restoration on that awning is just identical, she said. When you look at the old picture and the new, he just did a fabulous job. Marrs, who had previously been awarded in 1994 for his front restoration of the building at 208 Main St., said renovating old buildings is a passion he and his source Elevation Group family share. After months of planning and construction work, the 7,500-square-foot renovation was completed last December. Svec nominated Marrs and the building for the 2014 award, which was then selected as the winner by the Historic Preservation Commission in the groups meeting on Monday. Marrs, who had not heard about winning the award, said he was very excited for the renovation to be recognized. Its nice to be recognized for something where we tried to do the right thing with an old building and bring it back and redevelop it for another 50 years of life, he said.