Marcio Garcia de Andrade: Successful Entrerpreneur is the owner and founder and founder of 99th floor LLC, one of the fastest rising companies in the financial industry today.
What’s the secret to his success? He was able to reach his goal by working hard. He usually starts working at around 1pm. It’s not typical for a businessman but there’s good reason why. He starts talking to his managers and analyzes the overall situation of the company. his work hours end at around 5am.
But if you think all he does is work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then you are completely wrong. He also does things that make him happy.
He is very passionate with his dog Gentleman who he brings around wherever he goes. Marcio Garcia de Andrade ’s cute little buddy comes along with him on every trip he goes. Daily walks with his dog are also a routine.
Also, he takes time every year to visit different places around the world. He’s been to Asia and Europe and has seen several beautiful landmarks and sites. He’s always been curious about the world around him. It has been a lifelong dream of him to travel the world since he was a child.
All his hard work is paid off whenever he sees the success of the company he established. Every day, thousands of people visit his websites to look for the solutions they need to improve their financial situation. Most of all, he is living his dreams of doing the things he love and seeing himself in the peak of success.