MARCIO GARCIA ANDRADE: WHAT CAN AN AGED CORPORATION DO FOR YOU founded Wholesale Shelf Corporations, the leading company with the largest inventory of credit-ready shelf corporations. He’s been in the credit and finance industry for more than a decade and knows the ins and outs of the business.
He established other programs as well to make sure that those who purchase an aged corporation through his company will be able to meet their goals fast. Marcio Garcia de Andrade revolutionized the way on how people can get the funding they need, bid on government projects and obtain credibility to clients and suppliers at the shortest possible time which is very important to any business.
Through long experience in credit and finance industry, Marcio Garcia de Andrade knows how exactly an aged shelf corporation can get the funding you need. It is a requirement for those who are applying for business loans that the business has been established for a minimum time period. This has been a problem of new businesses since they have to find other sources to buy the materials and equipment they need for the business to fully operate.
But with the use of a credit ready aged corporation, the problem is immediately solved. Since most lenders require that the business has been established for a minimum of two years, businesses could buy an aged corporation which has been on the shelf for more than two years.
What most buyers of Aged Corporation fear when buying an aged corporation is the fact that the aged corporation they purchase is registered in another state. However, this should be no problem as seen by most of those who purchased an aged corporation from the company Marcio Garcia de Andrade purchased.
Most aged corporations in the inventory are from California, Montana, Wyoming, New York and Hawaii. The amount of funding and the state where the aged corporation was registered depends on the state where the corporation is registered. The experts at Wholesale Shelf Corporations can help buyers choose the right corporation to purchase depending on their goals and the funding they need. Regardless of the state the aged corporation the corporation is registered, a person could still use it wherever he is.
When we talk about funding, we are not talking about small amounts. We are talking big here. Again depending on the age of the corporation and the state where the corporation was registered, one can get up to $300 grand in unsecured corporate vendor credit. That amount can really help a lot in buying equipment, materials and other items that your company needs. It may also enable you to expand your business in other states.
Thousands of people are grateful to Marcio Garcia de Andrade and the company he founded for helping them reach their goals fast. With his hard work and dedication in helping others achieve their financial goal, there’s no wonder why many people appreciate him.