Managing Those Forgotten Mechanical Keys

By Michael Fitzgerald March 22, 2010 CSO Many workers no longer get a mechanical key to the office. They get an access card , an electronic key programmed to get them into the office and that can be set to deny them access to restricted areas. But that doesn't mean the mechanical lock and key are gone. They're just less visible than they used to be. Continue reading at

Caring for patients after mechanical ventilation - Part 1: Physical and psychological effects.

This results in stress that can mean them needing to be put back on the ventilator. This is especially important in patients who have been on a ventilator for a long period of time. They may become anxious when removed from the ventilator as they may have become psychologically dependent on it to help them breathe (MacIntyre, 2002). The most successful way in which patients overcome this problem is by taking some control of their situation and working with nurses to achieve the goals of successful removal from the ventilator (Moody et al, 1997). Continue reading at

Encoders Solve Mechanical Puzzles

Well, there are a few things to overcome. The first problem is to get it to stop at the right place, as they say on The Price is Right, "without going over."Telling it to stop does not cause it to stop immediately. Inertia causes a big problem. An early cut-off method can be used to compensate, effecting a stop at the desired point. IIS in Pattison, Texas, manufactured insulated construction panels on steel frames in 2006-2007. Continue reading at