Man Wears 'Breaking Bad' T-Shirt After Meth Arrest

'Breaking Bad' T-Shirt Meth Arrest - Business InsiderA Mysterious, Polio-Like Illness Has Caused Paralysis In Some California ChildrenKowalski's bond was set Wednesday at $100,000. He was arrested in July 2013 on similar charges.Cook County Sheriffs Office
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The 21-year-old Kowalski is charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine manufacturing materials and precursors. Psychedelic mushrooms were also recovered.See AlsoColorado's Prison Director Spent One Night In Solitary Confinement " That's All It TookCopyright (2014) Associated Press. They found beakers, burners, chemicals, and instructions for making meth in the house in unincorporated La Grange Highlands. All rights reserved. It wasn't immediately known if he has an attorney.CHICAGO (AP) -- A suburban Chicago man accused of operating a methamphetamine lab appears in his booking photo wearing a T-shirt from the television show "Breaking Bad."

Daniel Kowalski's mug shot shows him wearing a T-shirt for the fictional Los Pollos Hermanos chicken restaurant depicted in the show about a methamphetamine manufacturer.The Cook County Sheriff's Office says deputies acting on a tip checked Kowalski's home Monday