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South Asian bridal makeup courses


Certain nation has different culture and tradition and "Marriage" is everyone's favourite of all time. Friends and family get together for this great celebration to witness bride and groom's big day.

During this marriage, the bride and groom will be the highlight of the day. On their memorable day, from their head to toe they want to look good in everything. The south Asian wedding is usually very grandeur with heavy gold ornaments and beautiful outfits. At this movement a great task falls on makeup artist to make the bride look beautiful and glow with subtle makeup. This is when a professional makeup course will come in handy to make a lucrative career as a makeup artist.

 Makeup artist should go thorough knowledge in three major factors of makeup rules.

  1. Eye makeup techniques

The eyes are the highlight on the face. Eye makeups are crucial to make the bride look bright therefore choosing the right eye shadow shades is very important, shades can also be matched with bride’s outfit colour or warm shades are always preferable. Eye makeup involves great eyelashes work like double eyelashes and deep sweeping eyelashes which are present trends. Eyebrow is an eminent factor as it opens the eye area in a beautiful angle, certain makeup artist goes with the brown pencil to fill up this area and give a dark eyebrow shape.

  1. Knowledge in skin complexion

Makeup is an art, it's an extension of your personality, style, and preferences. Understanding the skin complexion is essential to fill up the face with right primer, concealer, toners and compact shades to cover up the whole face with acute makeup. The real perfection involves in highlighting the cheek bone based on face shape. Apply the blushes in the right format to highlight the cheekbone and colours should be warm like pink and apricot. Loud colours like orange and red should be kept in the bay for South Asian brides.

  1. Lip colour

Lips are the ultimate crowd puller and set the right mood for the occasion. Selecting the right lip colour is great fun and playful. The lipstick comes in vibrant colour and shades, makeup artist should be very creative and understand the lips natural colour to go with the right lip shade. Nude colours are a no-no to grand functions, always try a mixture of several shades and texture to bring dramatic and glamour’s look to the bride.

 Few more tips for makeup artist enthusiasts.

Always understand your client’s criteria. Blend your knowledge based on their requirements to bring out the best in you, to meet this perfection. Bridal makeup course is must to makeup artist aspirants where you will bring out the creative aspects under the guidance of professionals and learn the right base in makeup courses. South Asian bridal makeup courses provide you all the assistance in bridal makeup, this course will help you understand the texture and skin tone, how to use foundation and blend them in the right way.