Make The Most When You Sell Your Gold

5. Research. Call around to ask businesses what percentage they pay (70 percent of the full price? 65 percent?). My experience was that people who wouldnt tell me even a store that claimed it paid the highest prices in Georgia actually offered the lowest price. Buyers who pay more usually have no problem disclosing their percentage. visit

Should Gold and Silver Be Considered an Investment or Insurance? Yes!

The truth of the matter is that buying gold and silver are not an investment or insurance; its both! Buying Gold and Silver as a Hedge Gold and silver have long been recognized for their safe haven attributes, and in fact, are one of the preferred investments under various economic and political crises. Below are just a few situations in which gold and silver have historically outperformed most other asset classes: Banking Crises. The last recession showed how vulnerable banks can be to an economic crisis. Had it not been for the TARP bailouts, many banks likely would have gone under. Inflation. When the real rates of return in the real estate, bonds and equity markets are negative, many people flock to precious metals as an asset that maintains its value. visit