Make the children's playground a reality

Summer has arrived, and it is time the adults begin to think about the children's playground because of their kids during this time. Despite loads of playground project preparation in other important cities and Hanoi, but most of the place was taken other works that has many different purposes.
Now, the children no longer to the outdoor play area at home that summer as well as computers and televisions. The playground project preparation is now being used for other functions that shortfall children's playground.
According to some managers in the design, the assumptions of the apartment or the building, it offers families in together with a children's area and joins the fun. But most of these areas are actually turned into taverns amnesty or restaurants.
In urban planning, space for recreation centers, outdoor sports is among the items to be contained in the investor's commitment. Space is playing without leading to unavoidable impact that they are going to have to seek other pastimes than deficiency of motion.
As a leader of the Department of Construction, though we now have set out a minimum demand the lowest compared to other nations in the region, but the execution and deployment of children's playgrounds remain unable to gain the love minimum demands leading to a critical shortage of amount along with quality of children's - thiet bi san choi ngoai troi - playgrounds, the amount of population within an area of the playground is too low and not enough to satisfy the needs of the folks.
A playground is proposed by the project as a kind of land and parks needs huge funds, the process to execute it pretty laborious. So the building of the playground to serve the youngsters have to be carried out of the person who owns the apartment to rapidly create play spaces for the youngsters during the summer has arrived.