Make a Fashion Statement - A Guide For Wearing Tank Tops

Sleeveless tops are fashion staples that date back to ancient times. Earlier civilizations wore sleeveless tops, which is evident by glancing at any history or art book that covers topics like Greek civilization. The tank-top revolution did not stop there. The roots of tank tops also have a history in athletics. In the 1800s, men wore bathing suits that resembled tank tops with a pair of shorts.

What does this mean for the modern fashionista, or for those who wear sugar lips for simplicity? It means having options, and a lot of them.

Tanks tops are fashionable and they never go out of style. From your basic ribbed tanks to ones with spaghetti straps, these essential pieces supplement any wardrobe type. If you need to hide some flaws, choose tanks tops with contoured seems to help shape your body. Whether you need tank tops for casual wear, for dressing up, or as pajama tops, stores and online retailers will guide you to find ones that best suit your needs.

Want to spice up your summer season? Why not go with distinctive but fun tank tops?

During the summer it's all about staying cool and looking stylish, and with fashion staying comfortable is the key. For instance, a wide assortment of colors is what the summer season is all about, experiencing the reds, the blues, and the pinks! These tank tops will bring you closer to beating the heat and with the vibrant colors you're sure to shock the crowd.

Ever wonder what could go great with your fun tank top? Well why not add some cute denim cut-off shorts. With your denim shorts you could add some funky accessories like layered necklaces or bangles. Plus why not add any skinny leg denim or pant to the mix for that perfect summer outfit. It doesn't stop with fun colors, try the striped tanks which comes in all colors like purple/white, black/white, grey/white, or yellow/white.

One of the most frequent questions posed by beginner triathletes at the store is "What type of apparel should I wear for my training or for my races?".  Although the question sounds simple enough, a chapter of a triathlon book can be devoted to this one topic.  When determining what type of apparel to wear for training or for races, one should ask the following questions:

o    What are the distances of the races in which I will be competing?

o    What type of workouts will I be doing during training  (i.e. bike-run brick workouts, individual swimming workouts, swim-bike brick workouts, individual run only workouts, individual cycling only workouts)?

Triathlon Apparel for Racing

In response to the first question, it is important to contemplate what apparel to wear based on the distance of the race in which you are competing.  For sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, the distances are short enough for men and women that they can wear a triathlon short that has minimal padding and no pockets.  For a top, it is recommended to wear a tighter fitting singlet or tank top for men or a "racerback" or tankini top for women.  To minimize drag in the water while swimming, a tighter, skin fitting top will typically result in better times as opposed to a looser fitting top which can create more drag and retain more water.