Maintaining the Lawn When Water is Dwindling

The fact is that whether individuals realize the climate is changing, or refuse to accept the obvious, they will still have less water available to use for watering the lawn. sprinkler winterization is the water scarcity that has gripped Colorado for over a decade. The winters of heavy snow are few and far between, with dry winters becoming the new normal for that state and surrounding region. Less snowfall means less fresh water come spring.


This issue is not likely to result in water restrictions this year, but is becoming acute due to population growth, climate changes, and lack of preparedness on the part of water companies and officials. lawn sprinkler companies of the problem requires individual behaviors to become more conservation motivated. Simple tips like shutting off the water while brushing teeth, replacing leaky pipes, and waiting until the dish or clothes washer is full before operating will help if everyone participates.

Another area where conservation is required is landscaping and lawn maintenance . Non-native plants need more water to survive in the area. Replace than with native plants and trees that need less water. Cut down on the number of times per week the lawn is watered. An efficient sprinkler installation denver will help save water.

The Sprinkler System

Once an efficient system is installed, proper maintenance and prompt Sprinkler repair Denver CO will save time and money as well as water. Spring maintenance is essential to determine how well the system will operate because there are signs that indicate the current state of the sprinklers. Starting the system one zone at a time allows homeowners an opportunity to look for signs of leaking and inaccurate spray patterns which indicate minor repairs are needed now. Cleaning clogged heads and nozzles will also improve efficiency.


In ground systems are the most common because there are no visible components to detract from the landscaping. They can also be complicated to install even in small yards. It is possible be bend pipes when setting them in the ground, leave a connection loose, or place piping too close to tree roots. These are all amateur mistakes that will cost homeowners time and money on water bills, repairs, and any replacement parts or pipes.

Seek experienced sprinkler companies denver, such as Water Solutions, to install and repair systems right the first time. Installers and repair technicians that have experience can also accurately answer any questions, explain how to program the system, and make recommendations for accessories designed to save even more water.