Mafrika African music festival is free on Sunday, June 15th in Harlem - New York NY Nightlife

Whew this certain can be a busy Father's day. Upon Sunday, June 15th, Harlem can be hosting your Mafrika African Songs festival with Marcus Garvey Park via Noon-8pm. In which exact same day, the particular Shrine along with Silvana's in Harlem are generally having free African songs - - throughout the day extended inside coordination with just about all the event.The Shrine is situated upon 133rd Street and also 7th Voie (Adam Clayton Powell) , near the 2,3 trains and additionally the C train to 135th. great songs all involving the time, as well as food through Yatenga subsequent door. Silvana's will be situated on 116th and also 8th Ave (Frederick Douglass) correct subsequent to the C train.Marcus Garvey Park can be found through 124th street to 120th street between Madison rather than very Lenox Ave. Consider your 2,3 trains for you to 125th to have there.Look this is truly a great chance to consider in the lot of culture, excellent music, and obtain to consider pleasure from harlem. going afterward to the particular people 2 places, particularly the Shrine effortlessly its intimate environment will be certainly 1 of the actual best venues within the - see this - city. That's sufficient to help keep anyone busy day as well - hot ebony webcam - as night people.