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But despite
a body that belies her 49 years, it seems Madonna is just like every other woman when it comes to hating one part of her body - her thighs. A newly-released video shows the singer bemoaning the 'big fat thighs' she inherited from her mother. The video, apparently shot during recording sessions for her latest album, Hard Candy, reveals a little-seen insecure side to the normally confident star. Despite wearing skimpy leotards on stage, she is heard on visit fat loss factor review facts the clip pleading: 'Don't show my big fat thighs, whatever you do.' The footage was shown during an interview on US television. Asked about her remarks, she made light of them, joking: 'My big Italian thighs. For more information, visit

Why fat thighs are better than big paunch

Women, on the other hand, are more often pear-shaped, storing more fat on their hips and thighs than in the belly.Why are women and men shaped differently?The research led by Steven Smith, director of the Florida Hospital - Sanford-Burnham Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes, found that the genes operating in a person's thigh fat are hugely different from those in his or her belly fat.Smith and colleagues first took fat samples from men and women. Then they compared the genes most active in belly fat to those most active in thigh fat, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism reports.For men, 125 genes are expressed differently in the belly than in the thighs. For women, it's 218 genes (most unique to women, but 59 genes are the same as those that varied in male fat).That's because belly fat is tied to higher risks of heart disease and diabetes. On the other hand, hip and thigh fat don't seem to play a special role in these conditions, according to a Florida Hospital statement.Smith and colleagues help explain this discrepancy by determining how belly and thigh fat differ genetically. This research might shift common thinking about fat - rather than focusing on how to banish belly fat, perhaps we need to tip the balance in favour of heart-friendly fat in the lower body. For more information, visit

Why Fat Thighs Could Be Holding You Back (PICTURES)

Older adults who gain the most thigh fat and lose the most thigh muscle are at greatest risk of experiencing a clinically meaningful decline in walking speed, said the study's lead author Kristen Beavers in a statement. PICTURES: What Do Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health? "As the burden of disability becomes increasingly common and expensive, identification of modifiable contributors to functional decline in older adults is emerging as a significant priority of public health research," said Beavers. "Future studies building on these findings should test whether targeted reductions in thigh intermuscular fat, augmentation of thigh muscle area, or both yield improvements in walking speed and prolonged independence for older adults." Walking speed declines with age, added Beavers, and can be a predictor of disability, nursing home admission and even death. LIKE HUFFPOST UK LIFESTYLE ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Unfortunately, not much is known about what precedes this decline, although scientists speculate that ageing-related changes in body composition, which leads to fat accumulation in and around muscles could be related to slowed walking speed. For more information, visit