Mad Max is the Perfect Alpha Male. He understands how to seduce girls and make them spread their leg

Mad Max is the Best Alpha Male. He understands how to seduce girls and get them to spread their legs.
I've seen Mad Max: Fury Road and it's pretty much the greatest action movie ever made.
But there's been lots of controversy surrounding the movie for its feminist undertones, which has resulted in some lesser insecure men boycotting the film.
Here's the thing about being anti-feminist, you 100% of the time come off as a dramatically insecure, unconfident man. You come off as intimidated, and instead of laughing it away, you're airing your insecurity. It's grossly unattractive to women, and no most convenient way to be a guy.
If you're trying to take women down a peg, you are essentially yelling, "I'm not good enough for you and I know it!"
You're broadcasting to the world that you are fearful of girls. There is little difference between an antifeminist as well as a high-school virgin, except the high-school virgin - - isn't necessarily a fundamentally bad man.
How one might expect to be found attractive by strong, sexy, confident, desired women, when one is always letting them understand how intimidated and fearful of them he's, is beyond me.
You do not have to see anybody, regardless of sex nor should you. But if you're made insecure by a badass, apocalyptic-truck driving girl, who's all about saving women from a life of sexual abuse and who isn't subservient to the male protagonist, the issue is not the film, it's you.
So let us all agree that girls are loved by us, and proceed to something that nobody seems to be talking about, which is that the picture has a truly favorable, totally masculine, male role model.
Max never gives up and he never merely accepts what's occurring to him, he takes actions. He constantly makes the powerful selection. He inspires those around him.
He's never scared and he'll stand toe to toe with anyone.
He respects women as his - ross jeffries video - equals. But he's his own priorities and goals. He's not destitute and he is not dependent on anyone but himself.
He goes through the eye of the needle time and makes difficult choices and time again with assurance and relative composure.
Max doesn't feel the need to say a lot. But when he does talk, it carries weight.
Sex isn't Max's number one priority, but his confidence and air of mystery are enough to entice the interest of strong women. In the end though, he understands when to walk away. He understands when to let go, get it over, and move on.
Oh and it probably does not hurt that, at least by wasteland standards, Max is groomed and dressed. Merely saying.