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" Brent flipped a flapjack in the pan as his wife, Lisa, spoke to him. " It took Emily a moment before she looked up. The doctor said my swelling has gone down a bit. They’re good, I hope. Lisa looked to her daughter, who had her head down as she quietly ate. "Oh, honey, did I tell you that Emily got her tests back?

"Do you want to tell him, sweetie? Much cheaper and much healthier. " Lisa gestured toward her daughter with her fork. " Her delivery wasn’t exactly enthusiastic. "He was so surprised, Brent. As he cooked up Saturday morning pancakes, Lisa and their daughter Emily sat at the table, eating them as they came off the heat. Aside from eggs and pancakes, Emily had a fistful of kale on her plate.

And to make matters stranger, they were absolutely full of milk. It’s a good thing that girl at the health food store just recommended a diet change. They could not pinpoint the cause at all, but did fill out a prescription for her. Lisa, being a more holistic inclined woman, didn’t want her daughter on a bunch of pills. Sure she was healthy, but it was normality where she differed from other college girls.

At first her parents thought it might mean pregnancy, but after she assured them that she wasn’t having sex and after a doctor performed an ultrasound, it was revealed that this was not the case. Another recommendation was a breast pump, but Emily needed to try it only once before she said it hurt her too much.

She also wore absorbent pads in her bra whenever she went. Since then, she had been put on a "special diet" which consisted of an awful lot of kale. Her new diet was supposed to promote a healthy, normal body, something Emily did not have. " Lisa said, taking one last bite of syrup and butter soaked goodness as she stood up.

"Oh, it’s 10:30, I really gotta go. Even now, two wet spots formed on her tight pink shirt. "I was supposed to meet the girls at the mall. " She made her rounds, giving Emily a quick peck on the cheek, Brent a full kiss on the lips, said her goodbyes and promptly walked out the door.

And the sound of its engine faded away as Lisa left the home in the dust. In an instant, Brent was on them. In a swift motion, the form fitting magenta top was off and her swollen, milk leaking breasts were proudly on display. And to think, he wanted to put you on all kinds of pills or recommend you for some kind of surgery.

Emily let her father push her against the wall, her soft mounds of flesh barely contained by his strong grip. Brent and Emily, father and daughter, looked at each other for a brief moment before Emily rose. Brent’s tongue lapped at Emily’s nipples, prompting her to wrap her arms around her father’s neck, pulling him closer. He didn’t let this mess get out of hand, however.

" Emily moaned, egging him on. Brent became more aggressive, not just licking now, but wrapping his lips around her sensitive nubs and sucking the milk down. In the past year, her breasts had swelled to nearly twice their original size. And the way he so savagely squeezed her milky mounds. she knew he was going to leave bruises again.

Sometimes, it would even spray a little, dampening his shirt with cream. Whenever his teeth grazed her flesh, Emily would yelp and spray a blast of her milk down her daddy’s throat. Emily had never seen it before, but was more than curious. Weakly, she rubbed her knee against his crotch, feeling the steel hard bulge through his sweatpants. He left her nipples sensitive, raw, and begging for more.

Once one breast went dry, he would switch to the other, and by the time that one was finished, the first one was ready for him once again. "Oh fuck, Daddy, don’t stop! With each squeeze, her milk cascaded from her pink nipples, down her pale breasts, and onto his hands and arms. With each suck, each bite, she drew closer to climax.

Twin streams of milk came from her breasts, dousing her father with their creamy goodness. Keep milking my fat tits! Her knees finally gave out completely, and Brent let her slowly slide down the wall to the floor. Not only did her tight pussy gush in her pajama pants, but her bare breasts did as well. "If only Mom knew that my Daddy has been the one keeping my swelling down…" Emily drew in large breaths of air as she spoke, looking up at her daddy with a smile.

" With ragged breath, Emily encouraged him more. " Emily met this with a whine. Her knees failing her, Brent shoved her harder against the wall, practically suspending her all on his own. As much as I hate to say it, you have class soon, I think. They were the only day of the week where Brent had more than ten or fifteen minutes to feed.

"Yeah, you’re right," Emily said begrudgingly. Can’t be late for that. And without a moment’s notice, it began. I hope you had a good breakfast though. "Plus, Marissa and Kacey wanna study later, so I won’t get in until late. Kacey suggested they drink a little, but both Marissa and Emily had to drive home so they declined.

The study group eventually devolved into the girls gossipping and chatting about school. Brent reached down to help her up. Emily flashed a pretty smile. Before she could exit the car, her phone buzzed. A Snapchat notification, from killa_kacey. Despite having a pretty good idea as to what it was, Emily opened it.

In this instance, she was sloppily and lazily bobbing her head up and down his cock. This didn’t stop Kacey though, as it was her dorm, and after getting pretty tipsy, she invited her boyfriend over. This was their queue to leave. She hated how rushed Saturdays were. Emily eventually pulled into her driveway half past 1 AM, even though her study group was supposed to end at 10. Silently, Emily made her way through the front door.

Emily rolled her eyes and exited the car. Her father had woken up in the middle of the night and strolled down to the kitchen to get something to drink. If her mother woke up, she’d be grounded. Rounding the corner, her jaw dropped. Up until now, Emily had seen her father shirtless, maybe at the beach or at a pool party or something. As predicted, it was a ten second video of Kacey and her boyfriend having drunk sex.

But this hadn’t been the case. Brent typically slept in the nude, and didn’t bother to put anything on when he made his late night trip to the kitchen. Despite him having regularly feasted upon his daughter’s exposed breasts, that had been as far as they chose to take it.

He figured his daughter would’ve been home by now, and if not, she wasn’t likely to walk in the few minutes that he was downstairs. Emily’s mind flashed back to the snap she had received only moments beforehand. Being grounded as a college student was even more embarrassing than as a high schooler. Plus it didn’t help that she could clearly see his cock, which had been only a bulge in a pair of jeans for her until now, hanging between his legs.

She wanted Daddy’s milk. But now here he was, fully naked for her. And she wasn’t foreign to giving blowjobs either. She wanted her father’s cock in her mouth. So when their eyes locked, father and daughter, and Brent watched as Emily licked her lips at the sight of his throbbing erection, their natural instincts took control. The light of the refrigerator gave him an almost angelic silhouette, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

His daughter wasted no time in teasing or tasting, even though she was sure it would’ve been fun to do so. Emily reminded herself of Kacey in the snap: a sloppy slut taking a thick dick into her throat. She wasn’t used to guys making much noise during sex, even when receiving head, but Brent defied expectations. The two stared at each other, unable to speak as Brent’s half hard dick began to swell more and more.

In a role reversal, Brent now found himself pushed up against the kitchen wall. As they grew ragged, she knew he was close. When Emily pulled away, Brent gasped, his body refusing to blow its load just yet. Before he could say anything, before he could ask why his daughter would stop, he was met with a new feeling. If you liked this short article and you would such as to obtain more facts concerning morgan lee xxx kindly see our own page. While she had only had a few boyfriends, they were all fairly long term.

They were manly, almost animalistic in nature. Emily had wrapped her soft, engorged tits around his shaft. Milk oozed from her nipples, lubing up the already saliva slicked monster that dangled between Daddy’s legs. " Emily begged, breaking their wordless streak. Now Emily was no virgin.

"I need milk from Daddy’s cock. " Brent summoned all his willpower to pull his cock away from the loving tits his daughter jacked him off with. "Please feed me, Daddy! She kneeled below him, mouth open as she was still squeezing her milky breasts together.

His grunts and groans were music to her ears. Her hands wrapped around the shaft, mimicking the way a porn star sucked off a big cock, twisting up and down as her throat took in about a third of her daddy’s delicious dick. Unable to take anymore, his balls released their load, and ropes of hot cum shot across his daughter’s face.

Please please please, just give me that hot Daddy milk! She moaned in a borderline orgasmic manner as it spilled into her mouth or down or chin or onto her breasts. She heaved her breasts up and down along her daddy’s cock, squeezing them to form a tight, but pleasant tunnel.

He reached for his cream coated shaft to pump himself all over her, but before he could, his cock burst on its own. " Emily said with a cute smile, bringing a finger full of cum into her mouth. Her mom was going on a trip to see their aunt across the country, and she’d be gone for the weekend. After their special night a few weeks ago, Emily and her daddy had made it a regular part of their day.

Emily promised to take care of her dad in the absence of her mother, though Lisa could not have possibly meant it the way Emily took it. She couldn’t get enough, and Daddy just seemed to give and give. Emily reveled in the taste of her father’s cream as it slid across her tongue and down her throat. Emily wore nothing, as per Daddy’s instructions.

By the time it was over, her front was glazed in the result of an orgasm Brent had been craving for a while now. Early in the morning, she would feed him, and late at night, he would feed her. Like the one’s cows always wore in the movies.

With a smile on her face and the two glasses of milk in her hands, she waited in front of the door on her knees for Daddy’s return. Daddy was probably on his way back from the airport. This is probably one of the weirdest things I have ever written and is completely out of my wheelhouse. (Hey there, thanks for reading one of my stories once again. I was inspired by a post made by /u/BillieRubenCamGirl in an AskReddit thread.

Well, nothing save for a collar around her neck that had a cute little bell on it. Thanks again for reading. As always, constructive criticism, comments, and questions about any of the above are welcome, as are PMs and requests. In her hands were the fruits of her labor: two tall glasses of fresh milk, straight from the source.

) /u/ArtificialAddict Her nipples still were leaking from how she had tugged and squeezed them only moments before. Coming soon I want to try a choose your own adventure series where people will vote on how the story should continue on, maybe something sci fi themed? Being that it is very different from what I normally do, I hope I delivered something people will like.