Yesterday, I told you about my experience with MRSA.  Four bouts with "The Superbug" seem like a lot, but I consider myself lucky.  How can I think I was lucky?  Compared to others who have contracted this dreaded disease, I AM lucky.  In my case, it was limited to just my legs for the most part and through drugs, I was able to handle the pain.  But others have had it much worse than me.  As an example, there was an older lady across the hall from me that had it much worse.  She had boils over most of her body and no amount of painkiller could relieve tha pain.  I heard her cries and screams at all times of the day and night.  And I saw the pain and anguish of her relatives when they visited her.  I don't know what became of her.  She was gone when I made my second visit to the hospital.  Still others have battled MRSA for YEARS!  It has shown up on their arms, bodies, and faces.  Some have seen their families contract the disease and felt guilty that they may have given it to them.  And all of us remain in fear of it not going away or coming back.  So, you see, I'm lucky.  I only live with the fear that it will come back.