Love is like a rose bush

Love is like a rose bush. Our relationship is full of thorns that wound us, sometimes because we are not being careful enough and when we least expect it. Some will never touch that particular love, the flower, again because of the wounds, they feel it isn't worth it. That love, the rose flower, then becomes a slowly dying creature in the ring of life that begs for our forgiveness, as everyday that goes by it becomes something of the past. Some will look back at that flower of love, others will completely ignore it. If that flower is fortunate, those that look back at it, may figure out that it is worth it and rush outside to provide it with their own love, the water that the flower so desperately needs. I think most often that the love for the rose is given in time. When that happens, the rose bush comes back to life in a new way. It gives love back many times over without being conscious of its own limits until one day that its life must come to an end naturally. But the love for that rose will never end, it will be remembered through the remaining life of its best friend, the one who eventually learned that the thorns are just part of the overall beauty of that love, the flower. Thorns are in everyday love, no matter how extraordinary it might be. We all just need to learn to clean our wounds. And with time, we learn how to love despite the wounds. Just because the bush doesn't have flowers in the winter, does not mean that rose bush does not love us or need us.