lot\'s of changes

 i did meet some one when i got to a point in my life that i thought i would never find some one for me i met him OCT 9,2008 he is good to me we have lots of good times ,i just can't tell him everything yet i know i will have to some day but i just ani't ready to open up to him just yet ,i find that we do have lots in comon except he don't have my ill ness nor does he know about it i am scared that if he finds out the truth he will dump me because of it and i feel like some times he is to good to be true like he is to good to be with me he is all i have in my life right now i am going though hard times right now with my money and my bills and because i am working part time SSI  is trying to kick me off of it and that scares the hell out of me i feel that i can't make it with out it and my job is getting to hard for me to handle but i need the money so i put up with the stress but i don't know how much more i can take from the stress at work i am working part time and i can't handle that people tell me to work full time and that would take care of my money problems but they don't understand i can't handle working full time i can hardle handle working part time and i am worried if i get kicked off of SSI  i wouldn't have my insurance for my doctors and my meds whice i need my meds to stay some what normal i know i can't afford to pay for my pills i am on like 6 different meds i can't live with out them so what's a person to do ???and now i am fighting to keep my house so i don't lose everything