Losing weight, ever so gradually

Today I got a weigh in from the Doctor's after booking a blood test and health check. I calculated my weight from Kilograms to Pounds and Stone; 303 Pounds is 21 Stone and 9 Pounds; using a simple Spreadsheet and have found that I have lost three pounds since I last updated this goal. The weight was up a good bit since my last weigh in at the Dietitian 8 Weeks ago. So I have made more significant short-term progress. :)
Giving up the sugar defo helps. I have to remember what my old Driving Instructor told me, "Slow and steady wins the race!" Or, as Juan Fangio said, "Win at the slowest possible speed!"
I feel that at times I still eat too much, but the Region 9 Assembly at Paris back in October helped me gain perspective. Plus, my Skype Buddy from Toronto got the Lancôme Facial Cream I bought her at Paris last Tuesday.