Long time no speak

Thought I'd write on here as its been awhile. 
My  depression has taken very much a back seat in my life at present, its been a little while since my last episode but nonetheless it has taken a back seat. My life is very much that of indifference and apathy as I feel predominantly empty in most situations, a doubtless result of the continuous depressive sessions, this being said I do try to fill this void with music and an artificial joy. 
The music and artificial construct actually helps as it allows me some form of release when things look especially bad. I distract myself with this music, and also relatively deep contemplative thoughts in the realms of politics and philosophy. My political manifesto has been critiqued quite extensively by the everyday person and academics I have access to, and from this I aim to perfect it before re-approaching the political party to which it predominantly co-insides with. As for philosophy, that is in its initial stages presently. I've received some, if limited, criticism on it and it is almost ready to be reviewed by academics, and then hopefully of to the Institute of Philosophy, hell I may even publish it around that point.
Things in my life are certainly on track in accordance to my established 6 year plan, my work as a theoretician is greatly praised, I'm working in an enjoyable profession- one to which is a minor dream of mine, and I'm attaining very good grades at university- 2.1's, 2.2's and I'm aiming for a 1st (to which I may easily achieve), to add on to this my shooting hobby is starting to manifest into a sporting form as I may be partaking in an international competition next year, and achieving a military standard qualification in the field. Things are really on target, and looking better- yet I still feel this void inside of me when I lose all my distractions. 
Unsettled depressive tendencies, to which have an origin I cannot hope to combat for I know not its true foundations- I cannot attribute them towards the reasoning I had earlier on this year, but now that is not the case- perhaps a small aspect but not the main. The reason I had earlier has turned out, I think, to be the trigger I prophesied it to be- the opening of my pandora's box and thus, I am unable to repress most of it as I once did- likely a good thing for the most part, but nonetheless a problem now.
Things are great, but I don't feel it, I'm not great and I do feel it; I think, I truly don't fully know what I feel, indifference, apathy, lack of hope, wanting of hope- unknown and yet something.
Well DS you've been helpful in the past, and for the sakes of venting, you are now and for that I thank you.